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Settle Into Being Unsettled


I'm practicing embracing the changes I've invited into my life. My recent journey of identifying my needs for collaboration, connection and spending less time at the computer, self-generating all I do, has led to some beautiful things! I've been hired by two organizations I love! Both invitations from CRYJ (The Center for Restorative Youth Justice) and Yoga Healer to show up with my skills and talents as a communicator, coach, and healer, leave me feeling honored seen and humbled. Together, these part time gigs total about 25 hours/week (hours previously dedicated to my own business--to you all!). Additionally I continue to teach Yoga: 2 classes/week, though now at a new location (Spoke & Paddle) in Somers, Montana, as well as private lessons to clients in the valley and via Skype, and as requested at local retreats and conferences. The podcast is thriving! Some big names are coming on the show soon!!! And, Montana Public Radio (MTPR) is going to be airing part of my interview (S1 E19) with Kylin O'Brien on May 1, just before her visit to the valley and installation of her Scream Room. Hot Springs Community Radio has asked to air my show and I am now a regular guest on the Organic Gardener Podcast, sharing weekly recipes with Jackie Marie Beyer's many, many listeners. In this time of much change, I have moved my office back into my home and invested in my own physical strength, recommitted to early to bed/early to rise and have enjoyed my nightly date with the book The Unsettlers. I'm simultaneously embracing making a living (aka accepting enough money to live on for my work in the world) and considering living off the land or travel for a great span of time before launching my dream business --The Porter House Inn (you'll be hearing more about this soon). You may have noticed I did not email you last week. With all of these projects, not including my volunteer work with Big Brothers Big Sisters and poetry hobby, with the Flathead Poetry Slam, I have again encountered a moment in life when I cannot keep up and be well. Wellness Today

Well right now looks like ample sleep, daily movement, healing my back and knee, sitting silent in the unknown. I've committed to staying in the Flathead Valley through October --some exciting things to come here folks, including another Fearless Self-Love Retreat!!

After that, it may be the road, or the plane or the train and backpack for me for a while, folks. I'm opening up to the wind, to my heart, to feel into the unknown. To be settled in the unsettled nature of life. To be, as Pema Chodron calls, Comfortable with Uncertainty.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as I invite myself to do what I invite all of you to do regularly-- to pursue my dreams, to know myself, to live into the flow. Be sure to check out the past few episodes of the Fearless Self-Love Podcast and the Organic Gardener Podcast. Feel free to reach out with feedback, too:)

JOIN THE CONVERSATION and check in with me on the Grounded Here Community Page on Facebook. Request to join & I'll see you there!

Here's to settling into the unsettled & moving 1 step closer to accomplishing your dreams in 2018!

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