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Thanks for the tea rescue! I really like your recipe and have added fennel to my herb/spice cupboard. It was very soothing and the only thing that I drank for about 24 hours while my  system took care of the painful gas and bloating like I’ve never before experienced.” - Jane H.

Kick off your New year with an Antioxidant boosted Smoothie!

Teas & Hot Beverages:

  • Golden Milk — a sleep tonic for body & soul

  • Digestive Tea — Cumin, Coriander & Fennel for regulating digestion

  • Chai — Traditionally black tea and ginger to stimulate your morning

Health Boosts:

  • Antioxidant Jam blend with your morning smoothie for an immunity boost!

  • Ghee Traditional Indian Medicine's clarified butter said to carry what it's cooked with deep into your tissues


  • Butternut Squash Curry Bisque  My absolute favorite soup. It's a rare cold weather week when this one's not on the stove!

  • Miso Soup

  • Red Lentil & Root Soup

Healthy Cravings:

  • Garlicky Guacamole  What's so great about guacamole is that you can prepare it in so many different ways


  • Kitchari -  learn about this nourishing and easy to digest meal you can eat in any season for a reset, or for several days in a row for a deeper cleanse.

Healing, in my opinion, can come in many forms. Sometimes foods and drinks that nourish by providing a calming effect are most healing. Other times, it’s those that energize. Still, there are times when what we consume best suits us if it cleanses our digestive system.

In my quest to better understand food as medicine, and striving to eat locally sourced organic ingredients, I spend time with my nose in cookbooks such as:

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