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Our collective wellness is dependent on our fearless self-love

Dear One,


Within you there is a courage that inspires. This courage has blossomed from the depths of your darkest days, and is rooted in who you are as a compassionate being, as a lover, as part of the natural world.  When you feel like you’re flying on gratitude, and when your heart feels buried in confusion and doubt, you can use your courage to act with love toward yourself. It is your fearless self-love that emboldens you to embrace a flourishing life you love, and encourage others to transform from their own deepest wisdom. And when they do, they begin to trust their own intuition, they begin to love themselves, too. This is why I believe that practicing fearless self-love is the most selfless thing you can do!



Andrea Catherine

Andrea Catherine supports overwhelmed, highly responsible women boost energy, sleep better, and fearlessly love their bodies. 

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What people are saying...

“Over the course of 10 weeks I have become more aware of my unconscious habits and taken small steps toward developing new and better habits. Even with just the small changes I’ve made in 10 weeks I am already feeling more in tune with my body, sleeping better, experiencing more consistent energy, and most importantly, genuinely wanting to continue on my journey toward easeful living and self love!” 

Dawn B, Saline, MI

developing new & better habits


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