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Community classes are open to all who commit to keeping class a caring, inclusive and positive space! Both are all levels classes. And both classes will help you build a nourishing practice while challenging you to open your heart, strengthen your body and settle your mind. 20% of proceeds from both classes goes back to their nonprofit hosts.

Queer Spring Yoga Series

Mondays: 4/1 - 5/20 from 7 -8:15 pm

Glacier Queer Alliance
1203 U.S. Highway 2 West, Unit #33
Kalispell, MT 

This Spring series will focus on invigorating, warming poses with modifications for all bodies and abilities to support you in the the most significant seasonal transition of the year. Our postures, breath work and meditation practices will focus on opening our hearts, building strength and cultivating rest.


To sign up, sign the waiver, choose a price point pay for class (Venmo, on this site or in person)

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There is a 3 tiered pricing model ($15, $10, or $20 per class). Please consider your financial capacity as it comes to supporting yourself with this endeavor.  If you need a little support in order to participate, please select the "community supported" option. If you have the means to  support someone else in this work, please choose the "pay it forward" option!  
Or click one of the options below to pay through this website

Drop-in Class

8-Class Pass

5-Class Pass


Classes changes with the seasons and the participants. This is an opportunity to curate a class for you and your community! In general, mindful movement is utilized to invite courage, curiosity, and attunement with nature's rhythm. These classes will give you a stabilizing practice while challenging you to open your heart, strengthen your body and settle your mind.

Email to book
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Past Workshops

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*Warming Winter Yoga *Strategies for Habit Change *Chai-Making Workshop!


Gather your chai supplies BEFORE you start. You can find the recipe here. I usually make at least 4 servings to share with others or save for the following morning. Reach out directly with any questions:)

*Yoga class for Self-Connection *Guided Self-Love Reflection *Doable Action Planning to Mitigate Worry


Dress in layers and comfortably. Create room to move with ease, have a thermos of your favorite tea nearby, as well as a warm blanket and a comfortable place to sit and write. Bring a journal and writing utensil, or a sketchbook, or markers, or an instrument to write a song (you get to choose how you are reflective!)

Community Supported and Pay it Forward price points here.

During this workshop you may:

  • Sense your own heart beating

  • Feel more at ease than before 2020

  • Find you want a deep rest habit (we'll talk about how to make this happen!)

**You will receive the recording with your purchase***

"I really appreciated your yoga-writing combo and I have been much more attentive to keeping warm - not getting your way!"

- Jennifer T.

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