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Yoga with Andrea Catherine

"Andrea knows how to give you what you need, especially when you don’t know what you need in the first place!  I went to her longing to feel better, be more connected with my body and spirit, and frustrated by the fact that what I’d been doing didn't work.  She got me to connect with myself in a way that DOES work.  I’ve been working with her for over a year now and I can say that I am a lot better for it.  I have practical ways to alleviate pain, ground myself, and create wellness in my world.  As a single-mother, author, speaker, and retreat leader, I cherish the fact that Andrea is a ray of light in my all-too-often stressful life.  I believe in her so much, that I’ve had her work with my own clients on my Haven Writing Retreat programs.  She’s that good."


--Laura Munson. 

New York Times best-selling author and founder of the acclaimed Haven Writing Retreats and Workshops

Andrea Catherine in Reverse Warrior at Whitefish State Park, photo by Montana Iris

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What folks are saying about working with Andrea:

“I began [Yoga] class with the suggestion by my son that it might help reduce the arthritis pain in my knees. It has done that and so much more! I am in my mid-60s and do modified poses but find that it still helps a great deal with range of motion, stress reduction and balance strength.  I have even been able to reduce my blood pressure medication by half! There is a nice relaxed sense of community which adds a lot too.” 
— Miles G.

"I’ve struggled a lot with anxiety and burnout, and this class fills me up and reconnects me to the earth. Andrea is an exceptionally sensitive teacher with skills to meet the most unbalanced where they are and help them reconnect to their power."

– Cara R.

“You provided me with the word safe, which had been missing from my own practice, and which has been so lovely to meditate on, to use as a guiding principle.”

— Mindy M.


Yoga For Your Office!

It may be a challenge for you to make it to a Yoga class, or even find time for yourself between work and family responsibilities. From sitting for most of the day at a desk and at a car, or even if you are using a standing desk but standing still, bodies get stiff and therefore prana (life-force energy) can feel stagnant. For this reason, to boost mental clarity, balance emotions, and lubricate the joints needed to sustain our daily lives, I invite you to bring a Yoga class to your office! If you are interested in setting up a class or would like to learn more, Email me!

Books that Inform My Practice:

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