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What Matters


Thriving, sustainable and equitable communities serve as models for integral wellbeing around the world.


Offerings include group facilitation, individual and group guided Yoga practice, and wellness coaching. All offerings come with the invitation to learn and act collectively about identity, privilege and sustainability to cultivate meaningful change where we are.


  • Equity
       accessible, LGBTQ+ inclusive, antiracist, educated and accountable services and resources
  • Connection
inclusive, compassionate acceptance ~ love of self, all others and nature
  • Integrity
courageous authentic self-expression to set and maintain boundaries, and keep commitments
  • Wellness
experiencing individual wholeness as a reflection of nature and a part of collective wholeness
  • Sustainability
respecting ecological, financial, and energetic needs and capacities of self and others, including clients and producers of goods I utilize for my work.
  • Growth
receptivity and desire to evolve into the best version of oneself, inhabiting above values

See something I'm missing? Or a way in which I'm not walking my talk? Please let me know, by emailing me. I look forward to connecting.


The Grounded Here community supports individual cultivation of self-love and healthy group collaboration, creating the possibility for collective wellness & the integrity of social justice, rooted in the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.
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