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Colorful Montana rocks on the riverside


It's an honor to be a guest on others' shows!

I get to just show up and be me! No editing or soliciting required.

Simply: Health Coaching with Liza Baker

July 6, 2021

Show Link:

Liza and I discuss yoga, Ayurveda, tuning into Mother Nature's calendar (instead of the marketing/corporate calendar), and why often a solid B- is perfect.

Hear Liza on Andrea's podcast 

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Cozy & Connected with Charlotte Kaye

June 17, 2021

Show Link:

I interview Charlotte about Social Justice & Decluttering...and self-love, of course!

Co-Coach Introduction with Lael Petersen


May 19, 2021

Video Link:

Lael interviews me as her co-coach for her Vibrant Body Wise Mind course. Check our Lael's new podcast, You've Got Lael, wherever you listen to podcasts.

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