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Group Facilitator Andrea Catherine Bachman gathered with Fearless Self-Love Retreat co-host Sara Hughes-Zabawa and their retreat participants in Montana. (Photo Credit: Becca Zabawa)


Do you long for your team to work more collaboratively? Are you yearning for a more equitable group culture?

 I work with new teams, teams with new members, long-formed teams during annual retreats or amidst strategic planning processes. Teams can be boards of directors, co-workers, family members, band mates, independent contractors sharing a space, or even community members building something together.
Scroll down for a record of my facilitation and emcee experience
Some examples of my offerings for teams are:
  • Interactive Team Building 
  • Drafting Mission, Vision, and Values
  • ​Building working agreements that shape work culture
  • Mindfulness practices to support a healthy workplace
Specific skills and experiences I bring to teams are:
  • Public speaking, emcee and teaching experience
  • Nonviolent communication tools
  • Restorative Justice Practices
  • Community Organizing experience 
  • Program management and direction for non-profits
  • Business ownership
Group Facilitator Andrea Catherine Bachman with Kalispell Heart Program staff

[I'm] deeply grateful for the time together and the skills and attention Andrea brought to the team.

- Kalispell Heart Program staff member

Facilitating groups is an honor. As a facilitator, I enter spaces as an outsider and seek to cultivate connection within the existing group.


Teams I've worked with have been experiencing one or more of the following before we work together:

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • frustration

  • decision fatigue

  • always saying "yes" even when there is not capacity

  • inability to take time off without risking the wellbeing of their work

  • burnout

  • feeling of personal irrelevancy

  • confusion about roles and responsibilities

  • lack of clear direction about what actions to focus on to serve their community

After our time together, teams have expressed experiencing:

  • compassion for how the work culture became the way it is

  • compassion for ourselves that this is difficult work

  • confidence to step into more clearly defined roles

  • feeling heard and validated

  • unification among their group

  • trusting their teammates

  • improved boundaries

  • clarified understanding of organizational direction and scope

Staff Agreements built by the Milestones Transition team through Andrea Catherine Bachman's group facilitator skillset

[Left] Example of working agreements created with Milestones Transition staff team

Does this sound like what you want for your team?

The first step to setting up facilitation services for your group is to book a strategy session. It's free, and a chance to get to know one another & see if working together is a good fit for you!

Sara Brown.jpg

Andrea was enthusiastic and professional. She helped our school staff come together at the beginning of our year and engaged us with a fun team-building exercise. Andrea's creativity and energy brought us all together and helped build connections before we took some time to reflect on what we all bring to our community. This strengthened our communication and helped us understand how we can all support each other's work. I hope we can have Andrea back to work  with our staff again soon!


Sarah Brown

Head of School, Kalispell Montessori 


The staff care and culture process was so valuable. I was in a time of transition and just starting my new role, and it meant so much to me to know that my new team was able to express their needs so openly. I felt like I was heard and my voice was validated. It was so honoring as a team to be honest about what we experience on the job and know that we are all working together to make tasks more sustainable. I also grew in trust of those around me from this experience, and it made me want to honor the community that is the workplace. 



Haley King

Adventure Supervisor

Milestones Transition

Mandy Gerth.jpg

Andrea's grounding intention and thoughtful presence brought our team to a place of both deep insight and connection to the purpose of the core values of our work.  

Their facilitation brought out joy and wonder in our team as well as a sense of safety and trust that we could talk about very difficult and sticky situations while feeling seen and heard.  

I can't recommend their services highly enough.


Mandy Gerth



Director, HEART Program 

Homeless Education Liaison 

Kalispell and Evergreen Public Schools 

Andrea has facilitated and/or emceed:

  • 1.5 years of regular board of directors meetings with Glacier Montessori

  • Team Building Workshop with Kalispell Montessori Elementary staff

  • A series of guided workshops to establish organizational mission, vision and values as well as staff agreements with the Kalispell Heart Program

  • Staff Care and Culture workshops to establish and perpetuate community norms and agreements with Milestones Transition

  • Me and White Supremacy book circle with adults seeking to be antiracist from both the US and UK

  • Over 50 restorative justice conferences with young people and their families at the Center for Restorative Youth Justice

  • Multiple restorative practices trainings for community members and Kalispell Public Schools staff

  • Three Fearless Self-Love retreats gathering people from all over the country to dive in to Brené Browns's teachings and integrating them through movement in nature and nourishing food

  • Four years of monthly poetry slams in the Flathead Valley

  • Five backyard open mic nights and community potlucks 

  • 2 years of monthly antiracism conversations with nuclear family

  • Multiple teen gatherings with FLY (Flathead LGBTQ+ Youth) at Glacier Queer Alliance

  • Fundraisers for the Michigan chapter of The Young People's Project, Tilian Farm Development Center, the Center for Restorative Youth Justice and Kalispell City Council Person, Ryan Hunter

  • Trainings for staff of 25 college students to be College Math Literacy Workers for the Michigan chapter of the Young People's Project

  • Hundreds of yoga classes

Faciliation Education & Training Received:

  • The Art of Skillful Facilitation: Presencing Race, Gender and Collective Healing, 2023 and 2024

  • Highlander Center Advanced Community Organizing Training, 2022

  • Nonviolent Communication Year Long Immersion Program, 2020 and 2021

  • Trauma Informed Restorative Practices Training, Resolutions Northwest, 2020

  • Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices Training, IIRP, 2018

Group Faciliators Andrea Catherine Bachman and Sara Hughes-Zabawa gather their Fearless Self-Love Retreat participants for a workshop in Montana (Photo Credit: Becca Zabawa)
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