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Juice fast. Detox. Cleanse. 

These words are all the rage not only in the yoga community, but among celebrities as well. Have you thought about cleansing, but aren't sure where to start? Perhaps you want to lose weight, or clear mental fog, or simply feel lighter and more at ease. 

When we are in tune with our bodies, we can sense when it's time to share things up. This doesn't mean we always know how to do it or will be able to stick to our own plan!

I pause twice/year to cleanse my body of caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, most grains, and legumes. I favor a simple Ayurvedic cleanse mono diet called Kitchari

In addition to simplifying my diet to one that is easy on my digestive organs, I simplify my schedule, too. I build in extra blocks for quiet, and invite myself to move at a slower pace. 

I found it very helpful the first several times I cleansed to have some guidance and not do it alone. Changing our diets and schedules can be quite daunting. Those around us may be disappointed or confused and we may struggle to keep our commitments to ourselves. If you need support on your cleanse, please reach out to me directly. You can start with a strategy session (free) and we can then set up a few 20 minute coaching calls to get you on your way and support you throughout your cleanse, whether it's one day or one week:)

Once you decide you are ready for a cleanse, there are a few important steps to take to prepare:

  1. Tell Your Loved Ones you plan to deepen your self-care and inform them of your timeline and how your interaction with them may change

  2. Invite them to participate!

  3. Take time to consider your personal goals (including self-care, diet, sleep, exercise, relationships)

  4. Set aside time to shop and prepare your kitchen with the ingredients you will need

  5. Set aside time each day to prepare food 

  6. Beautify your space: Consider tidying up your space and making the things you will need accessible, putting away the things you will not need. Examples: if you plan to meditate daily, set up a clean and clear space to do so. If you plan to limit your time online to before 9pm, remove your electronics from your bedroom. If you plan to eliminate caffeine, sugar, and processed foods from your diet during the cleanse, set these aside or hide them from sight to lessen temptation. Replace these items with things you enjoy that you will be consuming during the cleanse, like herbals teas & fresh vegetables. You may even place fresh flowers on your kitchen counter, nightstand and/or meditation table:)

  7. Prepare a home-cooked meal with all whole foods (nothing processed) to show yourself the ease of simplicity and the possibility to be satiated with less:)

Cleanse .png

Ayurvedic Kitchari is traditional cleanse food because it is easy for the body to digest. 

I cleanse twice/year, in the Fall & Spring. In the Fall I stick to kitchari for 3-7 days, 3 meals/day. In the morning, I add extra broth, cinnamon and ginger and often opt out of vegetables. At lunch I go all in on the vegetables, rice & beans. In the evening, I often favor just the vegetables and ghee. In the Spring I may opt for a salad for supper and a green smoothie for breakfast. I crave lighter foods and while kitchari is more simple to digest than heavy Standard American Diet foods, it is still heavy. 

Scroll through the Healing Food Tab for more recipes!

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