My father tells me that when I was still young enough to sleep in a crib, I chose books over stuffed animals to comfort me in bed. That is to say, words just might be my first love.

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Get Stuck in the Right Rut

We've all felt stuck. Usually we tie the feeling of stuck to something uncomfortable, or too comfortable, something we want to change. But I wonder if it's possible to get stuck in the right rut. That's what we all want, right? To feel like we are consistently in the right place at the right time with the right attitude and awareness for the best possible thing to happen, right? Habit Science In a University of California - San Diego study, about how the brain makes and breaks a habit, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Christina Gremel, found "that the brain's circuits for habitual and goal-directed action compete for control -- in the orbitofrontal cortex, a decision-making area of the bra

What Keeps You From Soaring?

Observing the swopping and diving birds over the sea the last few mornings of my recent Mexico visit, I felt into the tenderness of change. When I resist change I feel stuck. When I resist change, I feel discontented. When I resist being the change maker, I complain and long for someone else to fix things for me. Never has she shown up with a magic wand. Always have I eventually been moved to get up and let go, to allow change to overcome me, to flow and be free in what's calling. At first the following words flowed to me and onto paper in Spanish. I will share just the English version as I am not sure my Spanish is up to par for sharing: Tender my heart In the changing sea I want to soar

Feel Like You Belong?

Easier Said Than Done. I've spent my entire life on hyper alert of whether or not I feel like I belong. My guess is you can relate. Take in Brené Brown's reminder: “You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” Wired to belong. It's natural. And so it's natural to notice when we don't feel like we belong. When we feel awkward, out of place, unsupported, misunderstood. This week I revealed some heartfelt truths and desires to my Yoga Health Coaching community. I was nervous for their response. I was dreading the feeling of no longer belonging. Instead, I was surprised. My acknowledgement of my deepest desires, however different from the work

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