My father tells me that when I was still young enough to sleep in a crib, I chose books over stuffed animals to comfort me in bed. That is to say, words just might be my first love.

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I Love Me, And I Feel It.

Ok, I don't always feel it. Do you? Time to pull out an oldie, but goodie. Today's "holiday" can put tummies in a twist, and bring up irritation. It can also calm and nourish us, if we let it, even if we don't have a loving to buy us roses or give us a back rub. Easier said than done? I hear you! I Loved Me for the First Time When I was studying to be an Ayurvedic Health Counselor at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda in 2014, I had a very strange and memorable experience. We were in a Thai Massage Self-Care workshop with a former student who I adored. Motown was bringing grins and lyrics to lips and voices around me. I felt my anger rising. When I am angry I usually know why, or at least I thou

You Are Amazing! Don't Stop.

I received the gift of hearing these words on repeat recently. While flattering, I caught myself walling up behind my disbelief in their validity. Almost as if I could believe that the work I do could be amazing to someone else without me, myself, being amazing as well. As if I could believe that while the lives of those who tell me that are transformed in mind-blowing ways, I deserve none of the credit. So much in fact, that I doubt my place in this work, all the time. Thanks to higher self (as the Yogis would say), my doubt hasn't stopped me yet. This is the part of me that stays in reality and grounded while also believing that my heart's deepest longings exist because they can come true.

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