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Andrea Catherie, Fearless Self-Love Retreat Host

Hi! We're Andrea & Sara And...We're Imperfect & We're Enough

Fearess Self-Love Retreat host Sara Hughes-Zabawa

From November 2-5, 2017, we co-hosted our first Fearless Self-Love Retreat for Whole-Hearted Living in Big Sky Montana. We flew in Sara's mom, Toni Hughes, who is a Brené Brown Whole Hearted Living Coach to guide us through the 10 Guideposts for whole Hearted Living. We shared healing food, Yoga and mindfulness practices, and spent time connecting over the gorgeous view of the mountains.  

The Good Stuff Botanicals, Maharishi Ayurveda, Floracopeia, & Hurraw Lipbalm all donated to swag bags for our guests. It was a luxurious self-care adventure & we are ever grateful!

The retreat was such a success, we're already planning our next one! We can't wait to continue to offer meaningful outcomes (like you'll hear from participants below) to more & more folks ready to "dig deep" as Brené says!

Are you interested in joining us? Don't hesitate to book a strategy session today & we'll chat with you about your wellness journey and see if the retreat is a good fit for you!

Moonlight Basin Big Sky, Motana cabin
You share your wellness journey and goals with Andrea. Together you determine how best you can work together to achieve your goals.
Strategy Session
45 min
Free for new clients
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