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S1 E23 | Building the Rhythm of Self-Love

What comes first, the self-worth or the habits?


With Guest, Cate Stillman

If you’ve been following along with Season One of this podcast, or even if you just saw the name “Fearless Self-Love Podcast,” it’s pretty clear that we focus on topics of self-love and self-care. But it’s important to acknowledge that we’re all at different points in our self-love journeys, and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out where to start.


I’m excited for you to join me in my conversation with Cate Stillman, Yoga Health Coach, as we wrap up Season One by discussing what comes first - the habits or the self-love - and how to move forward no matter where we are in our journey.

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show notes

  • What it means to invest in yourself

  • How to get to know your self-worth

  • How to learn to trust your body


Links Mentioned: 

Yoga Healer

Yoga Health Coaching

Awake Living course

Anna Guest-Jelley, Curvy Yoga

Show Highlights:

1:27     Easeful Living Practice

9:58    Show updates

11:43   Introducing Cate Stillman

12:50  What comes first, self love or changing your habits?

15:54  What it means to invest in yourself

20:06 Like increases like and opposites balance

23:41  Integration of intuition and physicality

26:34 The hurdle of “mind over matter”

30:54  How to tap into our self-worth

35:22  Practices of nourishment

39:28  Loving our bodies and using them as a tool

45:57  Courageous Self-Care Tip

Favorite Quotes:

“Education is part of the process of making better decisions.” - Cate Stillman

“What’s the rate of return on that investment? Not just in terms of the money; in terms of the time and attentiveness, that the return on investment is exponential.” - Cate Stillman

“You plant a seed, it creates 10,000 seeds.” - Cate Stillman

“Like increases like and opposites balance.” - Andrea Catherine

“When something becomes a habit, it does have this connection with our intuition that it doesn’t feel like as much of a hurdle anymore.” - Andrea Catherine

“It’s really quite a thing to allow our bodies to feed themselves without all this information about what’s good for me and what’s not good for me getting in the way.” - Cate Stillman

“Tap into what are our senses telling us, honestly.” - Andrea Catherine

“Which makes your body feel more alive?” - Cate Stillman

“A rearrangement of rhythm… allows us more ease and flow and simplicity.” - Cate Stillman

“Mistrust happens when we’ve overridden the body’s needs.” - Cate Stillman

“If you just sit and taste something you know isn’t good for you but you think your body is craving, let the body really taste it.” - Cate Stillman

“Distraction is part of what erodes the trust.” - Andrea Catherine

Meet Cate:

Cate Stillman founded Yogahealer.com in 2001 to guide Yoga people into Ayurveda and Ayurveda people into yoga. Built on the value of both personal and planetary thrive and a deep connect to one’s ecosystem, community and body, Yogahealer grew into a team, 2 podcasts a week, regular blogging, an arsenal of courses to guide people into their potential, an a professional community + certification program Yoga Health Coaching.

Cate wrote and self-published Body Thrive: Uplevel Your Body and Your Life with 10 Habits from Ayurveda and Yoga, an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Ayurveda, which helps people who dig yoga take a giant leap forward in their wellness trajectory with Ayurveda.

Cate have had a blast innovating on the edge of a 5000 year old deep wellness wisdom tradition. Tapping modern culture into ancient traditions is what Yogahealer has always been about and continues to become next!

S1 E22 | Find Your Stardom

Can you sing your way to courageous self-love?


With Guest, Jamie Wyman

Did you know you can have your own theme song? Seriously, you can and it's a great reminder for your life mission.


Join in as we hear from Jamie Wyman, creative songwriter who writes heart-centered song for just about any occasion. Hear how she uses songwriting to share personal, transformative stories of people who are struggling to connect with their true self. It's a powerful episode and you can bet that it'll force you to take a closer, more authentic view of your own life.

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show notes

  • ​Why you should stop trying so hard to be you

  • How singing can build courageous self-love within ourselves and others

  • When to honor ourselves and challenge our security


Links Mentioned: 

Organic Gardener Podcast

Cate Stillman, Yoga Health Coach

Brene Brown, Researcher/Author

Jamie Wyman’s website

Jamie Wyman name tags

The Great Blue Song Project

Show Highlights:

1:19    Podcast Update from Andrea

5:34    Easeful Living Practice

9:15    Meet Jamie

11:17   Being lost and finding her way back to her path

17:32  The creation of songwriting for healing/grief: Shifting focus from illness back to the heart of the person

20:29  Process of custom songwriting pt 1

27:47  Storytelling through song

30:37  “Play” as adults

31:47   Process of custom songwriting pt 2

35:17   The power of singing your truth vs saying it

39:05  Courage Self-Care Tip: Honoring your emotions/ body daily

42:12   How to determine when we're hiding from our potential vs honoring our capacity in the moment

43:47  Replacing people-pleasing for showing up fearless in the world

50:43  The new version of Courageous Self-Love

Favorite Quotes:

“It was just a reflection of me, naturally.” - Andrea Catherine

“It’s not about change but the work does transform and change someone.” - Andrea Catherine

“I listen without trying to fix you.” - Jamie Wyman

“Giving voice to someone’s story is transformative.” - Jamie Wyman

“Every voice represents a thousand voices.” - Cate Stillman

“One of the ways I overcame my anxiety was [I] gave myself a break.” - Jamie Wyman

“It’s cool watching you grow into your lines.” - Jamie Wyman

“You don't have to try so hard because it's just you.” - Andrea Catherine

“Following what I know to be true...can feel really scary because I know this thing I've been holding on to, I have to let go of in order to be here.” - Andrea Catherine

“Whose opinions do I really care about?” - Andrea Catherine

Meet Jamie:

Jamie Wyman is a self-identified introvert, dreamer, and creator who owns her own songwriting business out of Northwest Montana. You can catch her singing, creating awesome name tags, and speaking out on issues she's passionate about. To learn more about how you can create your own song, sign up for her newsletter, and listen to her music, visit Jamie at jamiewymanmusic.com. If you're wanting to know more about those awesome name tags, visit ihadyouathello.com.

S1 E21 | Discovering Unconditional Self-Love

How can you work through the healing process to show up more authentically in your life?


With Guest, Tracey Duncan

How many of us, when times are tough, reach a point where we try to force ourselves into healing? If we can’t fix a broken vase by hitting it with a baseball bat, why do we think we can heal by being hard on ourselves? We have to soften our approach in order to move forward.


Join me as I talk with Tracey Duncan about the many facets of self-love, and how we can move into a space of unconditionally loving ourselves.


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show notes

  • What happens when we discover we only love ourselves conditionally

  • Why you can’t cultivate healing with force

  • How to heal through softening


Links Mentioned: 

Yoga Health Coaching

Yoga Healer

More Yoga, Less Bullshit

Brene Brown

The Wisdom of a Broken Heart by Susan Piver


Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

Hero course

Tracey Duncan on Vice

Show Highlights:

5:02    Easeful Living Practice

13:02  Introducing Tracey Duncan

14:51  Disillusioned self-love

20:52  Unconditional and conditional self-love

22:27  Digesting details and setting boundaries

27:38  Finding support to work through the healing process

41:19  Demanding love and inviting love

48:14  “I don’t have to be good all the time”

51:49  Play

54:25  Where to find Tracey

Favorite Quotes:

“There’s self-love and then there’s self-love. There’s unconditional self-love and then there’s conditional self-love.” - Tracey Duncan


“Don’t present undigested material.” - Tracey Duncan


“I can’t call 9-1-1 about my divorce.” - Tracey Duncan


“You can show your work without showing your intestines.” - Tracey Duncan


“Showing up and doing more work in that process is how we continue to gain strength.” - Andrea Catherine


“The deep healing happens when we show up, even when it’s difficult.” - Andrea Catherine


“Attention and love and acceptance and support are gifts and they can’t be demanded, they can only be offered.” - Tracey Duncan


“You cannot police or discipline a broken thing to become whole.” - Tracey Duncan


“I don’t have to be good all the time.” - Tracey Duncan


“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” - Mary Oliver


“There’s so much value and so much love and so much opportunity in that freedom of exploration.” - Andrea Catherine

Meet Tracey:

Tracey Duncan comes from what you might call poor white trash, unless you are poor white trash, in which case you probably just call her family. She dropped out of high school three times. Tracey misspent her youth in South Beach, where she worked for nightclubs and partied semi-professionally.

Sometime in her twenties, Tracey decided to get her $hit together. She sweet-talked her way into Columbia University, where she got a degree in Anthropology. She also has an MFA in Creative Writing. She has taught composition and literature at the university level, and is a retired Montessori Elementary teacher. Tracey is currently a writer, a yoga teacher, and a coach in New Orleans.

Tracey helps coaches, healers, and yoga teachers craft and share their personal stories to show others how to lead revolutionary lives. If you want to evolve into your superhero alter ego and show her to the world, Tracey wants to help. You can check out her teachings on The Hero Course. Read her work in Vice and on her website, More Yoga, Less Bull$hit. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for the juiciest tidbits.

S1 E20 | The Humanity of Self-Love

How can you utilize the tools of self-loving self-care in all aspects of your life?

With Guest, Michael Joseph

We all have multiple identifiers - maybe it’s your profession, a hobby, a belief, or your relationship to others - that make up who we are. These identifiers are just part of what makes us wonderfully human. And self-loving self-care shows up in every one of these arenas.


Join me as I talk with Michael Joseph - a therapist, musician, and athlete - as we talk about self-love on many levels, the importance of paying attention to energy, and how emotions can propel us forward into a life with greater self-love.

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show notes

  • Why paying attention to energy is necessary

  • How to use emotions as fuel

  • How to experiment with your life


Links Mentioned: 


Ayurveda and Doshas

Zone of Genius

Zone of Excellence

Show Highlights:

2:52    Easeful Living Practice - Hydrate

6:38    Introducing Michael Joseph

9:39    Self-love from a therapist’s, athlete’s, and artist’s perspective

14:31  Anti-personal growth weeks

18:30  Anxiety, depression, and dosha imbalance

20:08  Paying attention to energy

24:04  Zone of Genius and Zone of Excellence

26:32  Capacity to control our attention

28:12  “Dangerous” self-care

31:00  Capacity to pause and reflect

35:02  Tools of self-love

41:15  Using emotions as fuel

44:12  Experimenting with your life

Favorite Quotes:

“Who you are as a person matters.” - Michael Joseph


“Nothing’s wrong with you. You’re bringing tools of your humanity to a situation. You just have to learn how to use them.” - Michael Joseph


“Anxiety moves us. Anxiety moves the world. If we didn’t feel anxious about things, we wouldn’t propel ourselves forward.” - Michael Joseph


“If you’re energy is low and you’re going on sleep deprivation, you’re not loving yourself.” - Michael Joseph


“If you’re meditating and you fall asleep, or you’re in savasana and you fall asleep, you probably needed it.” - Andrea Catherine


“Maybe we serve ourselves best - maybe we love ourselves best - when we’re tapping into those things that really feel nourishing and exciting and help us feel connected to who we are.” - Andrea Catherine


“Learning how to disappoint people gracefully is kind of a hallmark of mental health.” - Michael Joseph


“One thing that’s wonderful about being human is that we can stand down some of our instincts.” - Michael Joseph


“We have permission to pause until we’re ready.” - Andrea Catherine


“It’s OK to say to ourselves and to the world, ‘let me think about that.’” - Michael Joseph


“Self-love also means standing inside uncertainty.” - Michael Joseph


“Self-love is knowing how to use our emotions as fuel.” - Michael Joseph


“You’ve tried everything? Do the opposite.” - Andrea Catherine


“The opposite of fear is curiosity.” - Michael Joseph

Meet Michael:

Michael Joseph is a therapist, musician, rock climber, basketball player.  He’s spent the last 30+ years of his life exploring in his own life and with his clients the nature of love, life, emotional suffering and emotional joy.  He feels privileged to be in a profession where he has the opportunity learn something everyday about life in conversation with the people who come to him.

S1 E19 | Creating Space for Collaboration with Life

How can you create room for what serves you now? 

With Guest, Kylin O'Brien

It might surprise you that an artist’s best work does not always turn out the way they planned. Opening yourself up to uncertainty can elicit unexpected and wonderful results. And while we may not all consider ourselves artists in the traditional sense, everyone is a creator in one way or another.


Join me in my conversation with multidisciplinary artist Kylin O’Brien as we discuss the how comfort with uncertainty, creation, and clearing your space all leave room for what serves us best at this point in our lives.


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show notes

  • How we can all approach life as creators

  • Why authenticity and trust are key

  • How clearing space can open up new opportunities


Links Mentioned: 

The Scream Room

Stress Less Day at Flathead Valley Community College

Imagine If Library in Kalispell

Show Highlights:

02:08  Easeful Living Practice

05:15  Introducing Kylin and her Love Work

11:45  An artist’s comfort with uncertainty

16:24  We’re all creators

19:55  The process of creation

21:54  The Scream Room

32:42  Work based in authenticity and trust

36:12  Clearing your space, clearing your mind

46:35  How to connect with Kylin 

Favorite Quotes:

“I believe that we are all creators, and that we’re all creating our lives all the time.” - Kylin O’Brien


“Life is a collaborative project with the universe.” - Kylin O’Brien


“Art, when it’s effective, is potent.” - Kylin O’Brien


“Life is laundry; it’s never done.” - Kylin O’Brien


“Get down with the undoneness of it.” - Andrea Catherine


“It’s inside of space that new things come. And it’s inside of space that old things can leave. You don’t have any movement without space.” - Kylin O’Brien


“Your dog’s happiness is worth more than a perfectly made bed.” - Kylin O’Brien


“We’re allowed to reinvent ourselves.” - Kylin O’Brien

Meet Kylin:

Kylin O'Brien is a New York City born Brooklyn based multidisciplinary artist. She holds a BA in Philosophy from Vassar College and a BA (Honours) in Contemporary Creative Practice from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK, where she was awarded a part-time lectureship while pursuing advanced multimedia studies. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and has enjoyed solo exhibitions in New York at Feature INC, Open Source Gallery and Chashama. She has been a Brooklyn Arts Council, Awesome Foundation and Pro Arts award winner. Kylin has created commissioned public work during Art Basel Miami and has had public works on display in Wynwood Miami, West Oakland & Brooklyn. In addition to her studio practice, she is currently directing multiple initiatives, collaborations, workshops and presentations.

S1 E18 | Breaking the Coaching Myths

How can you benefit from working with a life coach?

With Guest, Shelly Smith

Have you thought about working with a life coach but find something’s holding you back? When we’re comfortable with the status quo, we have little incentive to pursue change. It’s only when we view change as necessary that we’re ready to reach out for guidance.


Join me in my conversation with life coach, Shelly Smith, as we discuss the power of working with a coach, how shifting thought patterns can change your trajectory, and the importance of fiercely protecting your own self-care.

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show notes

  • Why it helps to name your thoughts and feelings

  • How you can choose to think something different

  • How to fiercely protect your own self care


Links Mentioned: 

Body Thrive by Cate Stillman

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Show Highlights:

03:59 Easeful Living Gratitude Practice with guest, Shelly Smith

7:20 Interview Begins

13:50   Thinking big and following the path

20:40  What stands out about coaching

24:00   Coaching inspirations

28:44   Necessity to be fully present

32:52   Why folks seek a life coach

41:14   Changing thought patterns

48:45   A coach’s own self care

50:10   Saying “no” and other ways of protecting self care

57:04   Are you sacrificing your higher intentions? Do you have everything you need?

Favorite Quotes:

“You make decisions every single day, and you can decide to go left or right, and you can decide what you eat, and you can decide how to react to things, and every single choice changes the direction of your life.” - Shelly Smith


“People forget that they have choices.” - Shelly Smith


“Thinking big is just a series of choices that increase your belief each day.” - Shelly Smith


“Thinking big is really a bunch of little thoughts.” - Andrea Catherine


“Just start on that path, and one day you’re gonna look back and you’ll be pretty much there.” - Shelly Smith


“It’s when we decide to choose to believe in something we can’t see that things start to change.” - Andrea Catherine


“I just love fantastic conversations about real things.” - Shelly Smith


“People don’t change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” - Shelly Smith


“Every habit we have has a reward, or we wouldn’t have that habit.” - Andrea Catherine


“There’s something energetically different about talking about what’s working.” - Andrea Catherine


“I’m a big fan of self care; in fact, I protect it pretty fiercely.” - Shelly Smith


“I think a lot of people need permission to say ‘no’ to things they don’t like and want.” - Shelly Smith


“If people don’t create boundaries and take care of themselves, everybody just starts wreaking havoc on each other because they’re not happy.” - Shelly Smith


“Who are you trying to impress at the expense of your own wellbeing?” - Shelly Smith

Meet Shelly:

Shelly Smith,sales and leadership consultant, believes laughter is as important as discipline. She has coached over 170 clients in a wide range of industries. She hopes you stop taking yourself so seriously so you can enjoy the journey

S1 E17 | Life Art: The Business of Authentic Storytelling

Can you let your life shine fearlessly through all that you do?


With Guest, Upasna Kakroo

When life hands us lemons, we make lemonade. Or in Upasna Kakroo’s case, use storytelling and art to make life’s difficulties a little bit sweeter. Our stories are important and they create connection between us and our consumers. Being fearless and authentic in our life, art, and business requires self-love and compassion toward the truth of our lives and experiences. Join me as I interview doodler, creative, and business leader, Upasna Kakroo, who shares how art inspires her life and helps her solve problems. Grab a cup of tea, a pencil, and a pad since you might just become more inspired with your life and find answers to the questions living within you.

show notes

  • Why self-love requires you to prioritize your time and values

  • How to use your life story in business and art

  • Why creating always involves being your authentic self


Links Mentioned: 

Upasna’s Blog/Personal Website

Brandanew, Upasna’s Company Website

Lil’ Danny Runs a Race (book)

Yoga Health Coaching

Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies (book)

Grounded Here

Show Highlights:

5:30   Show starts

9:32   Paradox of connection in social media. Responsibility of our action

12:55  The life doodles of Upasna

16:25  Bringing authenticity to social media

18:45  Balancing our time to reflect our values

22:50  Rubin’s Four Tendencies: How we uphold our expectations

24:35  The importance of the company you keep and saying “yes” to opportunities

29:05  Cultivating self-care when there's no model

33:43  Traveling as a means to self-discovery

36:05  Process of creating authentically and how it creates connection

43:00  Upasna's life reflected in art

49:58  Connect with Upasna and view her work


Favorite Quotes:

“Stress doesn't solve problems.” - Upasna Kakroo

“The world doesn't exist so that it can be uploaded.” - Unknown

“I pay very close attention to what I say yes to.” - Upasna Kakroo

“Sometimes we tend to know ourselves better when we get away from where we're from.” - Upasna Kakroo

“...to create for the sake of creating.” - Upasna Kakroo

“When I draw, it simplifies the problem for me.” - Upasna Kakroo

“All art is personal.” - Upasna Kakroo

“...to see and admire our own skill set based on the life we've had.” - Andrea Catherine

Meet Upasna:

Upasna Krakoo is a business owner, creator, and leader in brand marketing, storytelling, and art. Growing up through displacement and instability, she's found a way to embrace and share her life through art and business. She’s also the author of a children’s book and inspirational calendar, that you can order through the website listed above. Connect with her via Instagram for business content @brandanewco and her doodles at @upasnakakroo.

S1 E16 | The Love of Dating Yourself

Why should you date yourself?

With Guest, Lauren Gernady

Valentine’s Day, or National Singles Awareness Day, as some call it, can be a frustrating and lonely reminder of our relationship status or lack thereof. But who says being single has to be devoid of love? Fearless self-love reminds us that we need to spend just as much time building a relationship of love within ourselves. Join me as I interview Ayurveda student and writer, Lauren Gernady, who also struggles with being single. Grab your favorite cup of tea and get comfy as we explore how Ayurveda teaches us about courageous self-love and being authentic to ourselves. Of course, one has to know themselves first; every thought, every feeling, every crevice.

show notes

  • How Ayurveda can teach you to love yourself

  • Why you need to embrace being single

  • How to say yes to yourself


Links Mentioned: 

Kripalu School of Ayurveda

Everyday Ayurveda

National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)

Ayurvedic Center of Vermont

Yoga Healer

Dr. Claudia Welch

Dr. Vasant Lad, Marma Points

Episode 7 Podcast

@ home in your body course

Grounded Here

Show Highlights:

1:27     Meet Lauren

9:25     Ayurvedic Terms: What it means to be pitta

13:55   Lessons from @ Home in Your Body: Importance of Play

16:25   Ayurvedic Practices: Benefits of Shirodhara

20:45   Ayurvedic Practices: Panchakarma “5 actions”

27:45   Ayurvedic Practices: Abhyanga aka self-massage

35:30   How to create a routine of Abhyanga to experience the physical, relational, and spiritual benefits

43:10   Strategies for being single

46:25   Giving ourselves permission

49:43   Perspective of Time and cultivating the quality of non-rushing


Favorite Quotes:

“Shoot for four out of five days...that other day is just as important and it's okay to blow it off.” - Andrea Catherine

“[Abhyanga] is a way to nourish the body from the outside in.” - Lauren Gernady

“It's impossible to be angry and curious at the same time.” - Unknown

“It's interesting to take an inventory [of our bodies] everyday.” - Lauren Gernady

“We're householders, we're not sitting in an ashram.” - Rosie Mann

“I can totally provide for myself what I want from someone else.” - Lauren Gernady

“While it's mine, its treasured time.” - Mae Erlewine

“We're so focused on how we show up for other people that we forget how to show up for ourselves.” - Andrea Catherine

Meet Lauren:

Lauren Gernady is an Admissions Counselor and writer at Kripalu School of Ayurveda. Her passion for writing and Ayurveda has led her down a path of inspiring and teaching others who desire to know more about the science of self. If you're curious and want more information, you can email her at laureng@kripalu.org or visit Kripalu’s website here https://kripalu.org/schools/kripalu-school-ayurveda.

S1 E15 | Joyful Self-Love: Out of Your Head & Into Your Heart

Can we keep joy at the forefront?

With Guest, Kate Berry

It’s easy to get caught up in the thoughts racing through our own minds. We can certainly learn from our head, but connecting with our hearts may be the key to finding joy in our everyday lives. “If our hearts are that powerful, why do we live up in our heads?” Guest speaker Kate Berry challenges us to get into our hearts, shift our perspectives, embrace humility, and live a life of genuine joy. 

  • Grey Facebook Icon
  • Grey Instagram Icon
  • Grey Twitter Icon
  • Grey Pinterest Icon
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

show notes

  • Why getting out of your head allows you to receive the best messages

  • How compassion leaves less room for judgement

  • How to bookend your day with practices that bring you joy


Links Mentioned: 

Heartmath Institute

Tara Brach

The Eight Pillars of Joy (from The Book of Joy)

Nonviolent Communication

Byron Katie

Brene Brown

Show Highlights:

4:01     Easeful Living Practice

11:27   Kate Berry introduction

12:13   About Heartset Coaching

13:22   Getting out of your head and into your heart

16:36   Emotions and judgement

20:09   “Inviting My Dragons to Tea”

20:33   Ego, meditation, and the heart

22:42   The First Pillar of Joy: Perspective

25:24   Reality checking

27:55   The Second Pillar of Joy: Humility

39:34   Leaving a trail of joy in your wake

42:23   Seeking pleasure that causes pain

44:15   Surviving and thriving

48:25   The difference between joy and happiness

53:50   Strategies for keeping joy at the forefront

58:21   Courageous Self-Care Tip: Start and end your day with joy


Favorite Quotes:

“The best messages that I receive or the changes that I’m able to make always happen when I get out of my head and into my body, particularly when I tune into my heart and my gut.” - Kate Berry


“If our hearts are that powerful, why do we live up here in our heads?” - Kate Berry


“Our emotions are huge drivers of our choices.” - Kate Berry


“If we’re conscious of [our judgement of ourselves], we can see it’s actually in a way violence against ourselves. We’re not allowing ourselves to be compassionate.” - Andrea Catherine


“Don’t judge the judgement.” - Kate Berry


“There are seven and a half billion people on the planet Earth, which means that there are seven and a half billion different realities, there are seven and a half billion different truths. It’s crazy for me to think that my truth is the only truth and that my way of seeing things is the right way.” - Kate Berry


“All of us humans are really trying to go for the same things in this world, and that is to love, to be loved, and to be of service.” - Kate Berry


“You’re special, just like everyone else.” - Andrea Catherine


“Am I willing to believe the kind things people have to offer me? And how does that add to believing in my own worth?” - Kate Berry


“I don’t know if it matters where I’m headed; it’s just a joyride.” - Kate Berry


“If I could choose ease or growth, I almost always choose growth, and then I’m like, ‘I wish it was easier!’” - Andrea Catherine


“When you are thriving, what are you choosing and what are the common threads that run through each of those moments?” - Kate Berry

Meet Kate:

Kate Berry is many things, including a "Heartset" Coach and Joyful Rebel.  She helps creative entrepreneurs and healers redefine balance and prioritize their well being so that they can shine their light without burning out.  Kate calls Whitefish home, where she embraces the ebb and flow of life with her husband, son, and 2 furry dogs. Visit her online at www.kberrycoaching.com

S1 E14 | In the Present Moment: Mindfully Cultivating Self-Love

Are you mindful to the fullness of life?


With Guest, Gina Garlie

In life, we can often feel as if the present moment is escaping us. Between work schedules, family and relationship priorities, and our own needs, we can get lost in the illusion of busyness. Mindfulness can help bring us back into awareness, allow us more availability to be with ourselves and others, and inform every moment of our lives. Join me as I interview Meditation Teacher, Gina Garlie, who like most of us became caught up in planning for life rather than actively living it. With 15 years of experience, she shares about how meditation has benefited herself, her relationships, and the community around her. Listen as she explores how acceptance and the courage to notice our true self helps us find self-care in every moment, connection to all other things, and a clearer perspective.

show notes

  • How to become mindful without changing your routine

  • Why being present with ourselves informs our relationships with everything else

  • How to generate joy and hold suffering


Links Mentioned: 

Open Sky Sangha, Meditation Community in Kalispell, MT

Tara Brach, Author and Meditation Teacher

Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist Monk and Author

“Peace is Every Step” Book by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Algebra Project, Nonprofit Organization

Grounded Here

Show Highlights:

05:59   Easeful Living Practice, Simple Centering

12:52   Welcome to Open Sky Sangha in Kalispell, MT

17:10   Being available to yourself and others: “Enjoying the Present Moment”

19:55   Recognizing “bells of mindfulness” in everyday life

24:42   What it means to be mindful to the “fullness of life”

27:05   History of Open Sky Sangha and connection in practice

30:25   Three jewels of Buddhist practice: Buddha, dharma, and Sangha (community)

33:10   “Listening with bigger ears”- noticing how we relate to others

36:55   Mindful experiences in community- “we're all suffering”

41:19   How mindfulness changes our experience in being

45:22   Habit energy

39:00   Inter-are vs Inter-be: Inter-being= no separate self

52:45   Generating joy to hold suffering: Self-care in every moment

54:30   Cultivating Joy


Favorite Quotes:

“[Mindfulness] really informs every moment.” - Gina Garlie


“If I bypass my emotions and my connection with who I am and what I'm feeling, then I'm not really being true and authentic.” - Gina Garlie


“You didn't change your routine; you just changed how your mind was in the moment.” - Andrea Catherine


“...allowing there to be pain and joy in the moment.” - Gina Garlie


“We all have aspects that are enlightened within us.” - Gina Garlie


“It's allowing us to use our mindfulness practice to deepen our relationships  and also come face to face  with our judgments- because we have them.” - Gina Garlie


“We can become more quiet and that can be a gift to a lot of relationships.” - Gina Garlie


“If you're not ready to forgive someone else, then you need more self-compassion.” - Tara Brach


“It's so easy to forget that all we have is this moment.” - Andrea Catherine


“We need to be able to hold the suffering but not until we're able to touch joy.” - Gina Garlie


Meet Gina:

Gina Garlie is an 8th grade science teacher and meditation teacher at Open Sky Sangha in Kalispell, MT. She helps adults and children come into the present moment and teaches awareness techniques to help others listen to the “bells of mindfulness” in everyday life. Her personal experience and journey through meditation over the past 15 years gives her a wealth of knowledge about just being. Catch her at a meditation class, schedule listed here http://www.openway.org.

S1 E13 | Self-Love: A Continual Process of Integration

Is it possible to be comfortably uncomfortable?


With Guest, Denise Dryden

There's something to be said about opening ourselves up to life and letting go of the reins. You know, meeting life and our experiences in the here and now. Easy, right? If you're like me and catch yourself holding on to expectations, you may be causing more suffering than necessary.


Join me as I interview Integrational Coach, Denise Dryden, about fearlessly showing up and cultivating surprise within ourselves, life, and our relationship with others. She has extensive experience working with parents struggling to integrate new experiences into their parenting strategies, but this episode reminds us why continuous integration is important for all of our lives.

  • Grey Facebook Icon

show notes

  • How to replace disappointment with surprise

  • How to be uncomfortable with uncertainty (or comfortable with discomfort)

  • Why life is a “continual process of integrating”


Links Mentioned: 

Denise Dryden’s website

Transformational Presence Coaching

Aria Mae on Fearless Self-Love Podcast

"She Let Go," by Rev. Saphire Rose

Episode 2: Fearless Self-Love is More than Just Empathy

Show Highlights:

06:29 - Easeful Living Practice: The One Thing

13:48- What is integrational coaching

19:28- Four pillars of coaching: Helping to adjust goals and expectations for flexibility

22:58- Letting go of expectations : Attachments > Disappointment > Relationship Killer

24:03- Presence and why it's important: Listening with your eyes, ears, and body

26:53- How to build trust within our world/life

29:17- How to replace disappointment with surprise: Four pillars

32:54- Spiritual bypassing and how it inhibits our growth

39:08- How to be uncomfortable with uncertainty

46:28- The Yes/No tool for guidance: Tapping into and trusting our intuition

58:52- “Parenting forward”: Tools for parenting with presence and curiosity

Favorite Quotes:

“When we're adhered to an expectation or attachment, the only emotion we can have is disappointment.” - Denise Dryden

“This is what I want, I might not get it.” - Andrea Catherine

“Presence is the idea that all of us have shown up and are paying attention.” - Denise Dryden

“Follow the energy.” - Denise Dryden

“It’s choice- to choose to be.” - Denise Dryden

“Their emergency can't always be yours.” - Denise Dryden

“We are constantly reacting to a checklist from outside, rather than choosing how we want to interact with it.” - Denise Dryden

“Sometimes obstacles are in our way to point us in the right direction.” - Andrea Catherine

“I can hardly wait to see what today brings.” - Denise Dryden

Meet Denise:

Denise Dryden is an Integrational Coach, mother, and adventurer who uses intuitive wisdom to help parents, families, and individuals restore alignment for better living within themselves and their relationships. She is passionate and experienced working with parenting, relationships, lifestyle choice, and metaphysical exploration. Visit her website for free downloads, video content, podcasts, and more.

S1 E12 | Fearless Self-love: Not Just for Women, Part II

Do men need courageous self-love, too?


With Guest, Dave Cavnar

Our culture can have a strong effect on the way we see ourselves and our role in society, especially between gender and sex. The messages men receive within our culture usually reinforce the “rough and tough” advice that's been passed down through generations, and often times, shows up within their relationships with others.


Listen in with guest speaker, Dave Cavnar as he reminds us why self-love isn't just for women. He shares his story honestly and provides insight into nourishing yourself first, along with tips to get started. This one’s deep, so grab a friend or take note, you'll want to share these insights with all the men in your life.

  • Grey Instagram Icon

show notes

  • How a morning routine sets the tone for the day

  • How to find balance between pushing boundaries and easeful play

  • Why we’re worthy of creativity and self-love


Links Mentioned: 

Tim Ferriss

Some Things Are NOT Negotiable

5 for Love: Free Self-Loving Self-Care video series

Global Purpose Expedition

A Planet On Purpose by Brandon Peele

Feeding Your Demons (meditation practice)

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

REVOLUTION: 31 Days of Yoga by Yoga with Adriene

Show Highlights:

3:20    Easeful Living Practice

9:20    Dave Cavnar introduction - a year-and-a-half later

10:41   Living a simpler life

13:41   Prioritizing internal creative work over external requests

14:34   “The Morning Thing” and nourishing creative outlets

18:47   Not taking things too seriously

21:45   “If I was my significant other, what would that look like?” and other conversations with yourself

24:02  Fear and uncertainty

32:46  Feeding Your Demons, a meditation practice

34:45  Experiencing rejection

37:20  Doing what scares you

38:27  Playfulness and intuition

52:07  “Letting down our adult”

56:28  Path to Dave’s latest project

59:18  Dave’s project: yoga and doodles, The Dao of Doodle

1:08:10  Calls to action

1:13:42  Courageous Self-Care Tip: “Find something that can be the foundation for your day” and “Find your own doodle”

Favorite Quotes:

“Elegance in simplicity… I think it takes awhile to figure out your own formula.” - Dave Cavnar


“One of the most common threads, across all fields, for people that are considered successful in their field is a morning routine and meditation.” - Dave Cavnar


“I find [a morning routine is] just an experience with what feels the best for you and what gives you energy.” - Dave Cavnar


“If I can manage to do… the creative piece and the little meditation; if that’s all that I do [in the morning] it’s hard to knock me off track.” - Dave Cavnar


“All we know is that we have the moment with us right now, right? So you might as well play and have fun.” - Andrea Catherine


“Sometimes bad things do happen but, most of the time, we have each other’s best interests in mind.” - Andrea Catherine


“Everything we go through, all the trials and tribulations, I believe lead to the beautiful places. The hardest path leads to the most beautiful waterfall.” - Dave Cavnar


“I know that when I betray something I told myself I’m gonna do, I don’t really buy into it yet.” - Andrea Catherine


“There are practical aspects to living that require us to wear those adult hats, but why not turn it backwards and be playful in that?” - Dave Cavnar


“We are on the leading edge of our lives; at any moment you can start new and just totally change your life.” - Dave Cavnar


“Creativity and play and self love … we don’t have to earn them; they become part of our foundation and part of what’s essential for us to thrive.” - Andrea Catherine


“You could not be more deserving.” - Abraham

Meet Dave:

Dave Cavnar is a self-described doodler, learner & ponderer. He is fascinated by consciousness, purpose, Soul, and each of our individual paths. Currently you can find him falling in love with himself and his life on instagram @dcavnar 

S1 E11 | Fearless Self-love: Not Just for Women, Part I

Do men need courageous self-love, too?


With Guest, Dave Cavnar

Our culture can have a strong effect on the way we see ourselves and our role in society, especially between gender and sex. The messages men receive within our culture usually reinforce the “rough and tough” advice that's been passed down through generations, and often times, shows up within their relationships with others.


Listen in with guest speaker, Dave Cavnar as he reminds us why self-love isn't just for women. He shares his story honestly and provides insight into nourishing yourself first, along with tips to get started. This one’s deep, so grab a friend or take note, you'll want to share these insights with all the men in your life.

  • Grey Instagram Icon

show notes

  • Why men need self-loving self-care too

  • How silence can teach us about ourselves

  • Why being selfish is an important part of self-care


Links Mentioned: 

The Rhythm of Life (book) by Matthew Kelly

Into the Wild (book) by Jon Krakauer

5 for Love: Free Self-Loving Self-Care video series

Dave Cavnar’s website

Show Highlights:

1:30  Easeful Living Practice: Writing Exercise

3:40   “Love, Rest” Poem by Andrea Catherine

7:10   Interview with Dave Cavnar begins

10:50  Difference between self-love and selfishness. Is there?

15:10  Mentality of scarcity vs abundance

17:29  Energy shifts between selfish and selfless: Seeing both as opportunities to receive

23:00  Spirituality and the intersection of self. Loving ourselves as a step to loving others

27:15  Self-focus without self-love. Our “self” as always under construction

31:05  The journey of self-love: Perfection, judgment, human kindness, and forgiveness

37:00  Self-love for men: Dave’s story of coming home to himself

45:21   New messages for young men: “What story do you want to tell?”

49:50   Ways to encourage and nourish yourself: Tips to get started

57:00   Continuing to build connection

61:50   Courageous Self-Care Tip: “Enter the classroom of silence”

63:55   Andrea shares...and how you can start living the life you want

Favorite Quotes:

“Self-love is recognizing that...you can put yourself first.” - Dave Cavnar

“When you're truly embracing the idea that you're complete and you know yourself fully, then you can benefit those around you.” - Dave Cavnar

“...being self-focused without actually feeling self-love.” - Andrea Catherine

“Just because you're under construction, doesn't mean you're not complete.” - Dave Cavnar

“If your cup is empty, you can't share what you don't have.” -Dave Cavnar

“...when I forgive myself or others, it frees me up from being attached to the action and the association I have with that action.” - Andrea Catherine

“In reality, there's nothing more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future.” - Christopher McCandless

“Move. Learn. Breathe. Repeat.” -Dave Cavnar

“You have to enter the classroom of silence.” - Matthew Kelly

Meet Dave:

Dave Cavnar is a self-described doodler, learner & ponderer. He is fascinated by consciousness, purpose, Soul, and each of our individual paths. Currently you can find him falling in love with himself and his life on instagram @dcavnar 

S1 E10 | Fearless Marketing for the Solo Entrepreneur

Can you bring your true self into business? 

With Guest, Rachel Starr of Distinct Darlings & Starr Marketing Co.

Whether you're already a solo entrepreneur or looking to start your own business, niche marketing can help you bring your ideas to fruition. Tune in to hear from Rachel Starr, owner of Starr Marketing Co, who shares her own personal story through brand marketing and how to utilize your unique self to grow your business.


Rachel offers practical advice for getting started with your brand and how important vulnerability is in attracting your ideal clientele. This is the intersection of courageous self-love and fearless career dreams.

  • Grey Instagram Icon
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show notes

  • How to focus your niche market to reflect your ideal client

  • Why being fearless in business requires vulnerability

  • How to create a brand that tells “your story”


Links Mentioned: 

Letter Board for Canva

Open a FREE Canva Account

Distinct Darlings [Starr Marketing]

Yoga Health Coaching

Grounded Here

5 for Love

Show Highlights:

12:52- How your brand matches your story and attracts your clientele

13:37- How Rachel found her niche

16:12- Being who you are rather than “selling big”- The consequences of trying to be something you're not

18:52- Niche marketing: How to market yourself

22:42- Envisioning your future with no attachments

24:42- Balancing our failures with self-care

26:08- Vulnerability in marketing: Risky or beneficial?

28:42- How to create “your story”- Start with your beginning, focus on evolution of your story

30:57- Relevance of place in building and branding yourself

34:32- Steps for starting your niche marketing plan: Brand your story, Pinterest your ideas, then Combine the two

39:23 - Courageous Self-Care Tip & Solopreneur Marketing Tip

Favorite Quotes:

“I’m selling myself.” - Andrea Catherine

“If our brand represents who we are, then that helps people to connect with us more deeply.” - Andrea Catherine

“It’s a lot easier to market to a niche market.” - Rachel Starr

“You have to sit down and develop what your own story is. What brought you to this point? And why they should hire you over the other four people? And then, you have to run with your ideas, your thoughts.” - Rachel Starr

“The number [of people] doesn't always matter.” - Rachel Starr

“You don't need to have 30,000 people looking at what you post a day, you need four people to say ‘Oh, I want her in my life.’” - Rachel Starr

“The more you can be real, the easier your social media and aesthetic will be.” - Rachel Starr

“If you feel like you have this fake facade of your brand...people will feel that they can't measure up to you.” -Rachel Starr

Meet Rachel:

Rachel Starr is owner and creator of Distinct Darlings [Starr Marketing Co.] located in Whitefish, MT. Her strategic marketing solutions are designed to help those looking for brand marketing, consulting, virtual assistance, and design assistance to take your business to the next level. You can visit her website at https://www.distinctdarlings.com/ or follow her on IG @distinctly_rachel

S1 E8 | Grounded in Nature: The Ecology of Self

Can we build future communities of belonging and connection?


With Guest, Brett Holmquist

Do you think it’s possible to build future communities of belonging and connection? Living in a culture that values the immediacy and efficiency of life has placed a strain on the importance of connection and belonging to our natural roots.


Open your heart and mind with an educational and engaging chat with Brett Holmquist, co-founder and Executive Director at Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center. Listen as we explore how to cultivate the “survival skill of belonging” and why it's important for young people to learn the beginning steps of fearless self-love in community as well as on our own.

  • Grey Facebook Icon

show notes

  • How nature can teach us about gratitude and belonging

  • Why our connection with nature reflects our connection with ourselves & others

  • How to help our youth foster self-sufficiency and self-love


Links Mentioned: 

What is a Business Mastermind Group & how to know if you should join one

Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center 

Ravenwood Family Packages

My camp kitchen colleague, Spencre L.R. McGowan, Certified Herbalist

Jon Young’s “Coyote Mentoring” Book 

Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, WA

Jake and Judy Swamp

Grounded Here Community Facebook Page

Show Highlights:

01:18 Ravenwood Family Packages Program

03:36 Easeful Living Practice ~ Sensory Awareness Meditation / Sit Spot

13:12 Interview with Brett Holmquist; Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center history and purpose: “Nature connection mentoring program”

21:07 Culture of Gratitude at Ravenwood and blew me away about the campers & staff

24:04 Roots of Ravenwood’s mission: Connecting people with nature, community & self; Mentoring as modeling with elders and others

27:25 Core routines of Ravenwood: Skill-building, gratitude, survival skills

29:28 “The survival skill of belonging”: A difficult skills to learn in a disconnected and isolated culture

31:45 Andrea’s reflections on Ravenwood’s mission to cultivate freedom, nature, community, belonging

35:50 Examples of core routines and 8 attributes of connection

37:01 “Art of questioning”: Creating internal curiosity

42:11 Understanding bird language as a concept and skill: the “art of awareness”

45:26 Courageous Self-Care Tip ~ Survival Skill of Belonging

Favorite Quotes:

“Our mission is connecting people with nature, community, and self.” -Brett Holmquist

“We find that our interdependence with nature and our relationships with nature are the perfect place to teach that [ecology of self]. It’s natural, it just happens.” -Brett Holmquist

“The practice of gratitude is the practice of connection. All people want is to belong.” -Brett Holmquist

“How do I stay in connection so I am healthy and thriving in this world?” -Brett Holmquist

“The belonging includes taking time for ourselves.” -Andrea Bachman

“Any individual has these deep ropes of connection to every plant, every tree, every mountain, every river, all the people, all the things that we have relationship with.” -Brett Holmquist

“The translation of health in Ayurveda is, ‘to be situated in oneself’.” -Andrea Bachman

Meet Brett:


Brett Holmquist is the co-founder and executive director of Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center located in Whitefish, MT. Brett is passionate about using nature to help youth foster better relationships within and with the world around them. Learn more about all the amazing work Ravenwood is doing and connect with Brett at brett@ravenwoodolc.org.

S1 E9 | Mother-Child Creativity:  Self-Care for the Long Game

Can you keep creativity on the front burner of motherhood?


With Guest, Natalie Berry

Who says life has to stop being fun when you become a mom?, not Natalie Berry! Have you forgotten how to be creative and open to life, while becoming so entrenched in your role as a mother? Have you forgotten yourself?


Join us as we learn, laugh, and grow from Natalie’s stories and tips about bringing creativity into all aspects of life --  including how to keep creativity on the front burner of motherhood! She reminds us why being a mom is the most important job, but not the only one. Listen and be reminded of why it's selfish not to share our gifts with the world and how to balance self-care with another tough role.

  • Grey Instagram Icon
  • Grey Facebook Icon

show notes

  • How to keep creativity alive in parenting and other phases of life

  • Why self-care is an ever-evolving balancing act

  • What we can learn from children's approach to life


Links Mentioned: 

Natalie’s website

California Institute of the Arts

Ozone House

Yoga Health Coaching

A2 Yoga ~ where Natalie & Andrea completed their 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification

Bhramari Pranayama 

Elephant Breath Video

Native Genius

5 for love ~ Free Self-Loving Self-Care video series 

Grounded Here Community Facebook Page

Show Highlights:

03:20 Easeful Living Practice ~ Intermittent Movement with Warrior II

10:54 Beginning of Interview with Natalie

15:05 How to infuse creativity into all aspects of life

21:43 Being accountable & holding space for the things we love; Making a difference in people's lives through art: “Mitzvah Art”

25:23 Balancing self-care with service of others

30:34 The meaning of “mitzvah” in Natalie's artwork: Service within personal artwork

32:28 Bringing “silliness and lightness” into teaching yoga: How toddlers help us remember this

35:44 Resetting your “patience power”: Example of “elephant breath”

41:10 Tapping into your “native genius”

43:10 How our good “adult” intentions can become high, limiting expectations for children

46:33 Courageous Self-Care Tip ~ Elephant Breath

47:21 Do you take self-care too seriously? Check out this free video series for incorporating play into self-love

Favorite Quotes:

“Having some accountability for someone else is helpful, because I can get sucked into the vacuum of Felix...that keeps me motivated.” - Natalie Berry

“The accountability for things we love is so essential.” - Natalie Berry

“The role, or way, we show up in the world carries a lot of weight.” - Natalie Berry

“Self-care sometimes means taking away from other people.” -Natalie Berry

“Self-loving self-care becomes a foundation to build everything else on.” -Andrea Bachman

“The biggest creative challenge is to create these complex situations really accessible to toddlers- to make it manageable for them.” - Natalie Berry

“If we have too much choice, we can choose the things we're not best at. Sometimes I think we do that to thwart our own success.” - Andrea Bachman

“There's a balance to adult-led and child-led.” - Natalie Berry

Meet Natalie:

Natalie Berry is an artist, yoga teacher, wife, and mother of one toddler from Ann Arbor, MI. She enjoys creating and performing art that impacts others on a deeper, relational level. She is constantly finding new ways to be creative in her work, life, and motherhood. To learn more about her work, visit http://wedrawtogether.com or follow her on IG (@wedrawtogether).

S1 E7 | Fearless Abundance of Yoga & Ayurveda

Can letting go can provide the space for abundance to flow?


With Guest, Paras Moghtader

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Leaving the comfort of our daily lives is often frightening. It can also lead us back to ourselves and teach us lessons that we might otherwise not have learned.


Meet Paras Moghtader as she fearlessly shares her personal story of transformation through yoga, Ayurveda, and trusting the signs from the universe to to create a life of abundance for herself. Paras’ method of bringing abundance into her life involves bestowing love on others. Listen and feel the light and love of this courageous woman, and gather up some courage for your own New Year.

  • Grey Instagram Icon
  • Grey Facebook Icon

show notes

  • What happens when we're fearless enough to not turn back

  • How Ayurveda helps us love ourselves as we are

  • How to look for abundance within your life


Links Mentioned: 

Kripalu School of Ayurveda

Meditation Teacher Jonathan Foust

Open Sky Sangha

Moksha Yoga Brampton

Jack Kornfield

Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook by Kate O’Donnell

Andrea’s Interview with Kate O’Donnell

@ home in your body course

Show Highlights:

1:22: Easeful Living Practice ~ Walking Meditation

7:40: Interview with Paras begins!

9:58: Paras’s yoga teacher training experience- Realizing more about herself and feeling scared, wanting to turn back

18:18: 4 Pillars of Ayurveda overview

24:40: Learning to let go of relationships no longer serving you;  Benefits of flow within our routines and relationships

27:30: Being grounded as a single mom, thanks to Ayurveda & Yoga

29:22: Learning to love your constitution, calming Vata, accepting Kapha

Listening and looking out for the signs from the universe

34:20 Kapha dosha: qualities and ways to cultivate it; Balanced qualities of Kapha

36:00: What abundance looks like and the effects of selfishness vs overextending on our bodies

42:55: Ayurvedic terms defined- prakriti, vrikti, dosha, vata, pitta, kapha, guna, oja, dinacharya, ahara

52:39: Courageous Self-Care Tip: Give to Receive

54:15: How to learn more about Ayurveda & the @ Home in Your Body course for how to cultivate these habits into daily living & sign up for a free strategy session

Favorite Quotes:

“It's absolutely impossible to go back.” -Paras Moghtader

“Whatever relationship you choose to have with yourself, it flows into {our relationship with} everyone else in our lives.” -Paras Moghtader

“I had to keep reminding myself to take a break.” -Paras Moghtader

“[The importance of] learning how to love ourselves for who we are...embrace it and at the same time find a balance for the things that push us too far.” -Andrea Bachman

"Abundance means there's a positive exchange of energy between you and everything/everyone else in the universe that flows [and works] for everyone.” - Paras Moghtader

Meet Paras:


Paras Moghtader is an Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga teacher, and director of Moksha Yoga Brampton in Ontario, Canada. Her personal journey started in 2009 and has rocketed forward through her eagerness to learn more and passion for helping other people experience the healing powers of self-study through yoga, Ayurveda, and mindfulness. Learn more about her work here https://www.parasmoghtader.com and connect with her through Instagram (@parasmoghtader).

S1 E6 | Authentic Self-Care Requires Pattern Interrupt

Can you say yes to what feels nourishing to you?


With Guest, Liza Baker

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Health Coaching is a term that’s getting a lot of attention these days, but what is it? I talk with Health Coach Liza Baker who studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition about her work and how it parallels my own. Though we trained in different arenas, our approaches are similar.


I love Liza’s insight about putting your schedule on a diet. She gives practical tools for reflecting on what we say yes to, and understanding if our schedule reflects what authentically matters to us. This is a great show to listen to as you transition into the New Year, as it’s a perfect time for reflection and preparing yourself to, as Liza would say, “live in alignment with what you want and what you need,” in 2018.

  • Grey Facebook Icon

show notes

  • Pattern Interrupt is the key to self-nourishment

  • Keystone Habits help you live with ease

  • Make lifestyle choices based on what feels right to you


Links Mentioned: 

Liza’s book: Flip Your Kitchen

Liza’s website

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Liza’s Group Course “Put Your Schedule on a Diet”

Love Lives Here

Montana Human Rights Network

Yoga Health Coaching

@ home in your body


Show Highlights:

01:28: Easeful Living Practice: Sensory Awareness Meditation

06:09: Interview with Liza begins!

10:15: Nourishment with food, relationships, & schedule, including details about Liza’s group course

11:05: “Pattern Interrupt” ~ Description of what we do in 2 to 5 words

12:12: Keystone Habits Discussion

23:57: Andrea’s Keystone Habit is Starting the Day with Ease. She gives some pointers her for how you can start with ease, too!

27:07: The Breakfast Experiment: Way to train yourself to notice “How do I feel?”

28:30: How are you doing? Versus How are you feeling (physically, emotionally, spiritually)? Are you connected with yourself?

32:23 What Andrea & Liza are up to now

Favorite Quotes:

“SOUL foods: seasonal, organic, local & ethical” -- Liza Baker

“If you’re eating take-out 21 meals a week, let’s start with one day [cooking].” -- Liza Baker

“The purpose of pattern interrupt is to come back into alignment with self and needs and ‘what do I need?’” -- Andrea Catherine

“Pattern interrupt isn’t just about how you’re shifting your time...but the way that your mind works, and the way that you’re talking to yourself.” -- Andrea Catherine

“Food is our first economy. We have to eat to live.” --Liza Baker

“It takes longer to watch an episode of Iron Chef than it does to cook dinner.” -- Liza Baker

“We’re so used to looking outside ourselves for validation and for answers….’Should I be vegetarian?’ I can’t answer that for you. The only person who can answer that is you.” --Liza Baker

“You’re not a failure. You’re just not living in alignment with what you want and what you need.” --Liza Baker

“The habits that I encourage people to do are not the be all end all, they’re great. But they are really the tool to learn how to learn about ourselves and to learn what we need.” --Andrea Catherine

“Right is not an external judgment. It’s, ‘this feels right for me.’” --Liza Baker


Meet Liza:


Liza is an Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach and Sanity Whisperer to under-appreciated, under-listened to, under-taken-care-of, under-valued, overwhelmed, overworked, over-scheduled, and OVER. IT. ALL. working wives and mothers who dream of (re)claiming a starring role in their own lives. She lives with her husband in a half-empty nest in Ann Arbor, MI and is passionate about health and happiness, education and exercise, SOLE food and social justice. You can get a taste of her work at https://simply-healthcoaching.com.

S1 E5 | Be @ home in your body & Love it!

Which comes first self-care or self-love?


With Guests Dawn Branham and Jessica Ortiz, @ home in your body participants

Have you struggled to truly feel comfortable in your own skin, at home in your body? Have you battled with self-acceptance and tried so many ways to cultivate change, but come up short? None of us is perfect, but learning to approach our relationship with ourselves from a place of compassion instead of shame propels us forward.


In this episode, Dawn Branham and Jessica Ortiz talk about their journeys with self-care habit change and how it has enhanced their own expressions of self-love. You hear from these guests first in late December of 2016 and again just this week (December 18-22, 2017).

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

show notes

  • How to develop a healthy and realistic relationship with your resistance to change

  • How to change your habits that come from being a natural obliger

  • Why to compare this holiday with the last holiday sason instead of with last month

Links Mentioned: 

@ home in your body course page

Fearless Self-Love Retreat 

Brené Brown

Yoga Health Coaching

Spiral Dynamics 

Book a Strategy Session

Glennon Doyle


Show Highlights:

01:19 Easeful Living Practice: Hands-free Nadi Shodhana (alternate nadi shodhana)

07:42 Interview with Jessica and Dawn begins (recorded December 2016)

20:02 How resistance shows up even when we want to be in touch with our bodies & intuition

34:48 What shifts when we have someone to hold us accountable in a group setting

39:00 What can you get out of a 15 minute one-on-one coaching call?

42:00 Applying habit science skills to life challenges

49:28 How this work has changed Dawn’s son’s perspective

51:44 Yes, And Concept as a tool for habit change

54:50 What’s changed with Jessica Ortiz inthe past year

1:06:17 How to change your habits as a natural obliger

1:18:00 Let’s focus on doing this holiday season differently than the last Holiday season, rather than comparing this holiday season to last month or the month before

1:21:02 Letting go of the expectation of perfection

1:37:00 Our relationship with our identity and habits can change

1:40:07 Courageous Self-Care Tip ~ Try a new habit on for size

Favorite Quotes:

“Being at home in my body means approaching wellness from a place of self-love rather than a place of shame” -- Jessica Ortiz

“There is an intentional unveiling and revealing that has to happen to know yourself, and then in order to love who you are.” -- Andrea Catherine

“I feel more patient with myself and I think in feeling more patient with myself I’m able to be more patient with others in my life.” -- Dawn Branham

“I may not have meditated every morning for the past 6 weeks... but every time I did, I took a step in the right direction.” --Jessica Ortiz

“You know mom, these little positive sayings that you’ve put around the house on these post-it notes.  I think it’s really starting to rub off on me.  I’m feeling really happy and I’m feeling a lot better in my life.” -- Dawn' 12 year old son

“I’m not going in a circle, I’m going in a spiral. I’m slowly growing.” -- Jessica Ortiz

“If I stay in a rhythm for  long enough I’m going to break free of it, because something within me won’t allow me to stay in it.” -- Andrea Catherine

“I’m also an introvert and I don’t think I realized that community could be so beneficial to me.” -- Jessica Ortiz

“We can change… parts of ourselves, and be healthier and more self-loving and still hold onto those parts of ourselves that we really value.” -- Dawn Branham


Meet Jessica & Dawn:


Jessica Ortiz is a macro social worker and civil rights advocate who's finally learning the real meaning of that "self-care thing” she heard all about in grad school. Her favorite wellness practices include honoring an early bedtime, carving out quiet space for journaling, and snuggling with her kitties. These days, she lives by the mantra coined by one of her favorite authors, Glennon Doyle: “We can do hard things!” Jessica is a lifelong Michigander who now resides in Brighton with her boyfriend and their two cats.


Dawn Simpson Branham is a doctoral candidate in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education at Michigan State University. She is currently completing her dissertation on the topic of global education in the community college sector, a topic that combines her passions for international education and equitable access to quality education for all. Dawn has worked in the field of education for 15+ years as a teacher, advisor, administrator, and researcher. Dawn has lived and worked in Japan, South Africa, and Germany and believes that we learn best when we seek to engage with and understand those who are different than ourselves.  You can contact Dawn via her LinkedIn page at:www.linkedin.com/in/dawnbranham

S1 E4 | Fearless Self-Love as a Thick, Fun & Fabulous Woman

Is it possible to love yourself, be joyful & enjoy your life no matter your size?


With Guest, Cherie Bachman

Just because someone does not look like your picture of health does not mean they are not taking care of themselves or unaware of their appearance. Cherie Bachman breaks down the pain and beauty of embracing a fat body. She courageously tells her story of coming to self-love and how deciding to love herself transformed her sense of self and providing her the tools she needed to take care of herself.


Listen as Cherie challenges the perception that fat people who are happy are promoting obesity, “People who are thicker, who are fat, can be joyful, and enjoy their lives.” She makes it clear that “It’s always important to take care of your body. Period. What that looks translates to is different for everybody individually,” and asks me to speak to weight gain from an Ayurvedic perspective. This interview is raw and to the point. Let it open your heart in love.

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show notes

  • Why all people deserve to celebrate loving their lives

  • How to love yourself no matter your physical size

  • How acting as if you love yourself is a total game changer

Links Mentioned: 

Thick, Fun & Fabulous on Instagram

Meet Erin, Cherie's Partner in Thick, Fun, Fabulous 

Amy Cuddy TED Talk 

Dr. Vasant Lad

Show Highlights:

03:13 Easeful Living Practice: One sense organ non-judging awareness practice

10:04 Interview with Cherie Bachman begins

14:09 Cherie’s Self-Love journey

16:24 Cherie’s gratitude for her mother’s acknowledgement of her body

18:14 Doing everything as if I love myself

26:33 What people can say that is uplifting & how to communicate wellness concerns about body size

50:44 Ayurvedic perspective on weight gain & loss, including introduction to the doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha

1:07:09 Cherie coming back into her body being her home

1:18:17 Courageous Self-Care Tip: Pause. Give yourself ample space to hear your body’s needs

Favorite Quotes:

“People who are thicker, who are fat, can be joyful, and enjoy their lives.” - Cherie Bachman

“Everybody has access to joy and love, and fulfillment in their life, no matter what they look like. ” - Andrea Catherine

“The more we learn to love ourselves, the more love we have towards other people. Loving yourself means accepting your own flaws, or what you receive as flaws. And if you’re more accepting of that in yourself, [of] what you perceive as flaws in other people, you’ll be more accepting.” -- Cherie Bachman

“Do I love myself or hate myself? Those are the only two choices I have right now. I don’t want to hate myself. So I’m choosing love.” -- Cherie Bachman

“Racist jokes are off the table; sexist jokes are off the table. But we never really talk about how people consistently make fun of fat people. That’s never really off the table. That’s still humorous.  Because it’s still viewed as bad and negative.” -- Cherie Bachman

“It’s always important to take care of your body. Period. What that looks translates to is different for everybody individually.” -- Cherie Bachman

“Fatness can be a correlation, and sometimes it can be a symptom.” -- Cherie Bachman

“Just because someone’s body looks different than what you think a healthy body looks like, doesn’t mean they’re not taking care of themselves.” -- Andrea Catherine

“When I’m not feeling confident or I’m not feeling like I love myself, I can feel like I’m invisible.” -- Andrea Catherine

“It’s important to give yourself time and space so your body can speak to you.” -- Cherie Bachman


Meet Cherie:


Cherie Bachman has always had a passion for people but that has been expressed in different ways throughout her life. She began her work in child care and then worked with college students. Most recently, she has changed gears in her career to work in clothing retail. This shift still allows her to focus on her love for people, but now specifically with plus size people in helping them feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. In the past year, Cherie was inspired to start her own fashion and body positive blog and Instagram with one of her good friends, Erin. They consistently strive to be vulnerable in their journeys of self love and excitement for fashion in order to inspire others to do the same!

S1 E3 | Self-Loving Self-Care: Can't Afford Not to Do It

What’s the value in investing your own well-being?


With Guest, Sara Hughes-Zabawa

Sara’s vulnerability with her own self-care story offers courage and  inspiration to those who might be on the face about taking the leap to invest -- time, money, emotion-- into lifestyle changes, courses, professional guidance to amplify self-care practices, or dive in for the first time. Sara debunks the too busy for self-care myth and gives practical strategies not only for prioritizing self-care, but also for how to offer yourself compassion when facing fears that arise when we make significant lifestyle changes.


Sara’s experience with @ home in your body provided her the accountability and structure she needed to make these changes. It’s a community ready to embrace you on your journey to self-loving self-care. Are you ready?

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show notes

  • How to establish a loving relationship with yourself

  • How to utilize your existing schedule to effectively implement new habits

  • What to do when shame derails you from self-love and self-care

Links Mentioned: 

American Indian Health & Family Services 

Inner Door

Ann Arbor Integrative Therapies

Fearless Self-Love Retreat

Sara's Website

Show Highlights:

03:18 Breath of Joy Easeful LIving Practice

09:20 Fearless Self-Love Retreat Participant Reflection

10:14 Interview with Sara Hughes-Zabawa begins

13:42 What is the @ home in your body course? How do we establish a relationship with ourselves that is loving?

14:42 Sara’s health history & chronic pain survival story

18:22 How Sara achieves meal planning success

20:22 Yoke new habits with what’s already consistent in your schedule

22:55 How to cut through our excuses to honor the season we’re in -- not blowing it off or taking ourselves too seriously

27:18 Instead of sitting in shame or guilt, ask yourself what you can learn from behaviors that blow your mind

29:52 Naming Your Emotions

33:43 Invest in your own well-being: battles to paying for self-care needs

Favorite Quotes:

“We don’t love ourselves so that we get somewhere else, but that it’s an end in itself to love ourselves.” -- Andrea Catherine

“Self-care felt like a luxury; it wasn’t something that I had ever seen as prioritized...I didn’t think it was necessary. I didn’t feel like I had the time to take care of myself nor the necessity.” -- Sara Hughes-Zabawa

“I’m too busy for meal planning, because I’m in graduate school….I don’t have time to cultivate mindfulness because I have a really busy toddler. I had all of these excuses about why I wasn’t engaging in daily self-care, because, I was like “ it’s just the season!” -- Sara Hughes-Zabawa

“I am [responsible] to cultivate the life that I want, instead of just waiting for it to magically occur with the changing of the seasons, because [it will] not!” -- Sara Hughes-Zabawa

“80% of the time let’s shoot for meeting our goals and staying on track.” -- Andrea Catherine

“Separating yourself from the behavior gives yourself the space to have a conversation.” -- Andrea Catherine

“There is nothing productive about shame.” -- Sara Hughes-Zabawa

“As the primary caregiver for these young children, you are the foundation of this family. If you’re wellness isn’t prioritized, taken care of, and really set aside for some good growth and nurturing, how is that not impacting the people you care for?” -- Sara Hughes-Zabawa


Meet Sara:


Sara Hughes-Zabawa, LMSW, RYT:  There are few things as liberating and terrifying as choosing to show up and love yourself, exactly as you are. Sara believes that stepping into a relationship oneself and one’s body is where we learn to cultivate true belonging and balance. Sara is a Masters level licensed clinical social worker, a women’s studies scholar, and a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, therapist and wellness-coach. She is dedicated to helping others cultivate holistic wellness that honors the mind-body-spirit connection. Feel free to follow Sara at her instagram account @beinginbalancewellness as she continues to share her message of self-love, kindness and steps towards holistic wellness.  

S1 E2 | Fearless Self-Love is More Than Just Empathy

Can I Get My Needs Met Using Non-Violent Communication?


With Guest, Lisa Gottlieb

Do you struggle to communication with yourself or others? Or feel it is easier to be empathetic to others than to get your own needs met? Learn both how to practice empathy and honest self-expression in a ways that honor your own humanity and the humanity of others.


Lisa Gottlieb shares her personal experience with her changing relationship with herself and practical tools, strategies and her vision for reunification in our world.

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show notes

  • How Non-Violent communication can transformation your relationship with yourself

  • How to be empathetic even when in disagreement

  • How to turn negative self-talk into self-compassion

Links Mentioned: 

Lisa Gottlieb's website

Meditation Teacher, Tara Brach

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Center for Non-Violent Communication

Speaking Peace (Lisa’s colleague for Ann Arbor year long training, Jeff Brown is Director)

Francois Beausoleil ~ Lisa’s colleague for Ann Arbor year long training

ikelasater.com ~ Ike Lasater

Selma Café ~ Breakfast Fundraiser for Hoop House Building


Show Highlights:

02:28  Easeful Living Meditation Practice for Self-Compassion

09:30  Interview with Lisa Gottlieb

13:00  Difference between Non-Violent communication [NVC] and other forms of communication

15:15   How NVC radically changed Lisa’s relationship with herself

17:01   Forgiveness v. Empathy: NVC allows for empathy not agreement. If you empathize with others, it doesn't mean you're condoning what they're doing. You can still “choose to be empathetic towards someone and be adamantly in disagreement with their activities or beliefs.”

22:22  What makes NVC Sexy? Why we should pay attention to NVC, especially in these trying times

26:37  NVC beyond empathy: honest self-expression

31:48  Google’s research found their workers more effective when happy and felt their needs needs mattered

38:16  Lisa’s Recommendation for turning negative self-talk into compassion

43:00 Giraffe vs. Jackal. When we're feeling desperate and aggressive, were like the jackal and it cues into what needs are not being met. Once were able to “catch the jackal” and build awareness within ourselves, we can become like the giraffe, whose view is endless and symbolizes conscious connection.

101:14 Courageous Self-Care Tip

Favorite Quotes:

“[NVC is] based on a neutral observation of facts, and connecting with feelings long enough to touch into what we want and long for and need, based on our feelings, as opposed to staying with feeling for an extensive period of time, which can often lead people to cycle into misery, or despair or hopelessness.” -- Lisa Gottlieb

“As much as we can be drawn to something, unless it’s really transforming us in the way we want to be transformed, we don’t come back to it.” -- Andrea Catherine

“We all share the same fundamental human needs." -- Lisa Gottlieb

“There is something about removing an element of wrongfulness or blame that is incredibly freeing and delightful.” -- Lisa Gottlieb

“When we act out of anxiety, despair, fear, or anger- our strategies are so limited. When we can act out of a place of spaciousness, creativity is endless.” --Lisa Gottlieb

“Through vulnerable sharing our hearts begin to soften.” -- Lisa Gottlieb


Meet Lisa:


Lisa Gottlieb MSW, SSW

​CNVC Certified Trainer Candidate

Certified Kripalu yoga teacher


Lisa is passionate about Compassionate-Nonviolent Communication and is deeply invested in supporting individuals, couples and families by teaching skills and offering tools to bring more ease, peace, connection and empathy into their lives. Lisa also works with small businesses, non-profit and faith-based organizations to find effective methods to improve communication with staff and customers, solve problems and increase productivity and worker satisfaction.

Lisa has lived and worked in Ann Arbor, MI for the last forty years, raising her children and working for the last 16 years as a school social worker for Washtenaw Intermediate School District in the Court Involved Youth Program, where she initiated the facility's first vegetable gardens, and teaches yoga and mindfulness. Lisa is a co-founder of Selma Cafe, a non-profit local food and breakfast party that supports sustainable agriculture.  

S1 E1 | Surrender, Expansion & The Freedom to Love

What does it mean to surrender to what is?

With guest, Aria Mae Everts, Spiritual Heart Surgeon

Do you find yourself holding on and bracing for the daily battle of life? If you're like me, you've probably also learned the hard way and experienced the consequences when we don't let go- of pain, of anger, of our self-sabotaging stories, and our expectations.


In this episode, guest speaker, Aria Mae, teaches us about surrendering to life and how to move with the flow of our emotions rather than be lead by them. Learn how we've become disconnected from our true selves and how we can heal ourselves.

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show notes

  • What does it mean to surrender to what is?

  • What to do when we feel triggered?

  • How to  heal ourselves?

Links Mentioned: 

Scott Blossom, Shadow Yoga Teacher 

Claudia Welch, Doctor of Ayurveda & Oriental Medicine

Tara Brach, Psychologist & Meditation Teacher

Prison Creative Arts Project, University of Michigan 

Freedom to Choose, Non-profit Prison Project

Rachael Tanner, Officially Hitched


Show Highlights:

16:35-The power of our heart space and love to create a rippling effect, not only on an emotional but physical level.
26:01- How to understand and deal with perpetrators of aggression within our communities. Loving those who are most disconnected from their true selves.
27:40- Anger as a call to action. How it can serve us and hurt us.
33:00- The flow of love can be disrupted, how those breaks show up in    our lives and how we can reconnect to ourselves through holding space for pain/hurt. Our ability to hold space for ourselves, directly relates to how we hold space and connect with others.
37:30- Taking responsibility for our shadow sides and how we can benefit from embracing them.
40:49- Aria’s strategies for dealing with our emotions when we're triggered.
51:25- Our hearts are portals: energy, boundaries, and healing.

Favorite Quotes:

“By holding love towards a different reality, we create that reality.” - Aria Mae
“Love is a vibration. It's a very high vibration.” - Aria Mae
“Surrender is my religion.” - Andrea Catherine
“Letting go is a continual opening of your palm.” - Rachel Tanner
“We get to decide what to do in the moment...and that's freedom.” - Aria Mae


Meet Aria:


Aria is a “spiritual heart surgeon” who works with clients to help them heal and reconnect with themselves in a unique combination of healing work. She makes use of “family constellations, shadow work, sociology, animal communication, tantra, mindfulness, and Love” to help clients dig deep and move from “mastering life” to becoming “magicians of life”. Email Aria or visit her website to learn more about her life-changing work, watch videos, and read her blogs.

To apply to be on the Fearless Self-Love Podcast, complete this form:https://goo.gl/forms/HI6lqC17xBFlwvW42