My father tells me that when I was still young enough to sleep in a crib, I chose books over stuffed animals to comfort me in bed. That is to say, words just might be my first love.

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Are You @ home in your body?

"I long, as does every human being, to be home wherever I find myself." -- Maya Angelou These words long were the footer of my email. One days I didn't feel at home in myself, I saw them as a wish, a goal, an aspiration. On days I did, I celebrated the new trek I was on, and felt grounded, affirmed, and eager to share with others. My path to feeling at home in my body has been bumpy. When I think of my body, I often recall a photograph taken of me at age 13. I was running through a Michigan lake and laughing. At the time, I am sure it was genuine joy, but when the picture was printed, all I could see was cottage cheese for my belly. I have never been overweight, but I spent a good 20 years o

Fearless Self-Love Podcast

My path of self-inquiry -- of discovering that surrender is my religion & that practicing fearless self-love is the most selfless thing I can do-- led me to the mountains. The mountains have been calling to me for years. Arriving here and staying here, are ways I have followed through in showing up for myself. I made sure to record the reminder that I can show up for myself with a tattoo of the Swan Range of the Rockies on my right forearm. The podcast is much like the mountains for me. Majestic, strong and grounded, the mountains humble me. I recall walking down the hill on the northside of Ann Arbor, near Sic Transit Cycles, thinking something I found to be very helpful at the time. That t

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