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It's Finally Winter

I'm Glad It's Winter.

The cold beckons me. Beckons me inward. It's be over 4 years since I've felt settled. And I'm finally starting to feel it again. In the past 2 weeks I cooked more meals and spent more hours in my cozy rental in Montana than I have spent indoors in a long time. Many of those hours have been solo, with my ever-loving, now 7-year old pup, as near me as he can be. It's been months, 6 at least, since I've written you all in this way.

misty river at the Dancing Spirit Ranch, October 2018

This half year has packed in the changes like none other -- new job, new living arrangement, parental visit, first retreat at Dancing Spirit Ranch, several daunting illnesses, a trip home, and now quiet.Below I' include Podcast updates and little more of my personal journey since the last newsletter.FrIf you've been following my instagram or podcast, you've heard more about some of these changes and the slowing down they've required. I've all but let go of teaching group Yoga classes, and meet with only a few clients weekly.

The podcast, still receiving regular emails from interested guests, now airs twice/month (instead of once/week) plus the additional astrology bonus episodes with Natha Perkins Campanella.

I'm slowly finding my rhythm -- of sharing cooking and mindfulness workshops with teens, of walking home in the dark night, or cozying in to love. Im learning to balance a full time job with a business, partner, and volunteer work. I'm learning to let go.

In this time, my gratitude for all the people and communities who have given me a sense of home with them, keep me grounded, eager, and at ease. They've continually reminded of my mantra -- surrender is my religion -- whether they know it or not.

To me, surrendering is letting go of what was, is and is yet to come, without sitting idly by, without giving up hope, while continuing to live fully and with vigor.

In this season, I've had to let go of multiple Yoga teaching commitments and have shifted to two podcast episodes/month instead of one/week, plus the monthly astrology bonus episode! In this season, I've committed one if not 2 whole days/week to playing. There has been ice climbing and skinning up a mountain on skis, singing while my love plays the guitar, hot springs visits, and full days spent with my Little Sister swimming and making spaghetti.

Just reflecting on the way that shifting has opened up my life for enjoyment, brings a smile to my face:)

How have you shifted in the past months? What are your values moving forward?

For 2019, I've selected 3 words:

Vision -- an optimistic insight for my future (including partnerships, career, business, etc), recognizing this calls for a spiritual looking inward, and, eh hem, surrender

Harmony -- this balance I've written of above, finding ease, pleasure and a sense of accomplishment in my personal and professional lives

Purpose -- the observation fo meaning in the work I do, that I am enough, that I'm in it already, and striving often leads to burnout. This word reminds me to see what's before me ad be grateful, as well as to pursue my endeavors form the seat of my values.

So, what are your words, your values, that will propel you into a beautiful 2019?

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