My father tells me that when I was still young enough to sleep in a crib, I chose books over stuffed animals to comfort me in bed. That is to say, words just might be my first love.

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How To Do What Scares You

Video from Facebook & Instagram LIVE on January 18, 2018 DO WHAT SCARES YOU That's my theme for 2018. I've done things that were hard and have seen them make a difference. I want more of those differences. What I mean by hard is I had put some kind of barrier in the way. I decided that things had to happen a certain way, which limited me from getting what I wanted. Can you relate to that? Every time your dream or imagined next step comes to mind you hear all the reasons why you can't get there, and you believe enough of them to stop you from taking that step or believing in your dream? Some of those limitations are things like self-doubt, shame, insecurity. INSECURITY AS A BARRIER TO SUCCESS

Can You Take A Compliment?

Can't You Take A Joke? When I was a kid, the phrase "can't you take a joke?" was a familiar one. As I passed puberty I slowly navigated the funny scene and got away with getting, or pretending to get, most jokes, I started to strengthen my inner belief that others were their own beings and their interpretations of me didn't necessarily reflect my goodness-- I started to take fewer things so personally, at least on the outside. My tender innards, were still, well, tender. And it was as if that translated to the self-deprecating pattern women are expected to form. I was as good at taking a compliment as I had been at taking a joke. I sucked at it. Don't Throw Away The Compliment I accepted com

Love Yourself First

I was hiking in the winter woods Among my top 5 favorite things along with 2) walking in a city, finding my way, 3) riding ocean waves or river on belly, board, or boat, 4) preparing food in a quiet kitchen fully content chopping, stirring, spicing and tasting, then sharing that food with people I love, and 5) making a love out of a stranger The above is an excerpt from a poem I wrote in Baltimore, fully aware of my privilege. You can read it here. When I was hiking in the winter woods on Friday last, it was a forced action upon remembering this stanza of this poem. After driving around all day, and feeling a little overwhelmed by my plan for 2018, I realized my desire for connection had les

Do You Have 5 Minutes for Love?

Happy New Year! I truly hope today, one day in to 2018, you have the proper perspective on this year. As I heard on The Pea Green Boat (yes I listen to kids' radio shows) yesterday afternoon, "this year is so young it's still in diapers." That being said, it's OK if your resolution needs training wheels for a while. Heck, it may not even be able to walk yet! I've found such solace in words in my life that mantras, traditionally sounds or phrases to repeat in meditation, seem to stick with me in a way a slippery resolution struggles to do. My mantras for 2018 are: DO WHAT SCARES YOU WHAT WOULD THIS LOOK LIKE IF IT WERE EASY?* LOVE YOURSELF FIRST On New Year's day, my closest friend in

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