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Can You Let Your Desires Change?

"There is no straight path,"

I said to Veronica Thai. I don't recall saying that, but it's true. At least no one I know has been without ups and downs, sideways turns, wipe outs and days where they feel like their walking on clouds. Being interviewed was a new world for me. It felt vulnerable and tender. It gave me deep appreciation for my guests who have shown up with their hearts on their sleeves for the first 23 episodes of the Fearless Self-Love Podcast. You can read more about my interview in Veronica's show notes, or have a listen on her website or itunes. I'm gearing up for an amazing first episode of Season 2 next Friday, June 1, with Elsie Escobar!! Check her out. It's a complete honor to have her on the show.

Here's to letting your desires change & moving 1 step closer to accomplishing your dreams in 2018! In Love, Andrea Catherine Yoga Health Coach

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