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Tips for Spring Transition

How are you navigating this awakening of the earth and this transition from quarantine to vaccine?

Spring, Mud Season, is the season of growth and transformation. Ayurveda recognizes Spring as the transition from cold, dry, light, clear, mobile, rough, & hard (the late fall & winter qualities of Vata dosha - air & space) to heavy, slow, dull, still cold, soft, oily, dense, solid, stable, sticky, and cloudy (the qualities of Kapha dosha - earth & water). To learn more about the doshas, listen to Season 2, Episode 11 of the Fearless Self-Love Podcast: Introduction to Ayurveda. This is nature's most dramatic seasonal transition as the only shared quality from winter to Spring is that it is generally still quite cold. Everything else changes. You may be feeling these shifts in your thoughts, your emotions and/or your physical body. For me, this shift form Winter to Spring often looks like:

  • seasonal allergies or surprise congestion

  • a lessoning need for body oils and creams

  • mental fog and grogginess

  • physical sluggishness or resistance to new habits

  • recognizing I'm much more likely to accomplish something with the accountability of a friend or coach!

In this transition, I also need to mind my anxiety, grief and other emotions that can unsettle me even in this heavier season. For me, staying warm, sticking with warm, cooked meals and connecting with dear friends and family are crucial and help me balance the spaciousness of Vata and the weightiness of Kapha.

To support your transition, I'm including a printable version of the below image with tips for moving into Spring feeling invigorated, motivated & connected.

If you are seeking more support & guidance, know that my At Home in Your Body course centered around building doable self-loving self-care habits in community will start up again this summer! The group of 8 in the current cohort warms my heart everyday. It's amazing to see how simple changes truly shift out dated beliefs and bring a sense of ease & uplift! I feel so honored to facilitate this space :) If you want to get connected now, book a free call here.


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