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Do You Have 5 Minutes for Love?

Happy New Year!

I truly hope today, one day in to 2018, you have the proper perspective on this year. As I heard on The Pea Green Boat (yes I listen to kids' radio shows) yesterday afternoon, "this year is so young it's still in diapers." That being said, it's OK if your resolution needs training wheels for a while. Heck, it may not even be able to walk yet! I've found such solace in words in my life that mantras, traditionally sounds or phrases to repeat in meditation, seem to stick with me in a way a slippery resolution struggles to do. My mantras for 2018 are:





On New Year's day, my closest friend in Montana looked me in the eye and said, "You have to love yourself first." [Duh!] "I know," I said. Her big sisterly eyes yearned to make sure I really got it.


I teach self-love. I practice self-love. But I still seek love outside of myself often.

I still long for others to do the heavy lifting so I can just revel in the glory of being their favorite human. It doesn't work this way. Sure, there are moments. Like when a very young child holds my cheeks in her palms and I feel like the most beautiful being in the world. For the most part, though, if I show up relying on love to meet me, to pick me up like the perfect date, I'm going to be flying solo. What I mean is that if I don't walk in carrying love on my shoulders, letting her pour over my scalp like oil after a hot spring soak, seep from my pores like the steam that rises from the pools, then who am I kidding?

I cannot beg love into my life. Love is already here within me. All I have to do is pick her up, and let her shine through me. And girl, sometimes she feels so heavy!

(photo: my solo moment awaiting in the hot springs this past week)

Loving myself is an on-going journey. Every year I notice significant gains. Every year is also full of exhilarating windfalls and moments of regret and shame. I created this 5 for love series for you to support you as you do the sometimes heavy lifting of love within you.

Here's the playful intro I created to humor you, and myself:

I hope these tools make it easier to see and lift the beauty inside you so that it can radiate from your pores. 5 for love is a micro version of @ home in your body. It's FREE & the more folks you get to join you, the more likely you'll be carrying love for yourself on your shoulders like she's the hero of your life! You can sign up here. And follow the conversation on the Grounded Here Community forum. In Love, Andrea *The question, "how would this look if it were easy?" comes from Tim Ferris, who is my current podcast role model. This is his newest book, Tribe of Mentors. Read it with me!

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