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December 4, 2017

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Out of the Muck, Ready to Bloom

May 28, 2015

When things are shit.


I mean when you literally feel stuck in the most bug-ridden, stickiest mess of your life, the things that steadied you may no longer carry the same potency. You are, after all, stuck.


The problem is that ripping yourself free might mean that you lose a favorite boot or sandal and have to walk barefoot through the muck for a while. It may mean that you have to admit you played some part in getting yourself in this pile in the first place. It may mean that it gets worse before it gets better. Let’s admit it, standing stuck in mud sucks. Every step is laborious, and pulling your foot out of the boot to scamper stickily away will feel pretty nasty for a time, too. Sure, you’ll be free of your immoveable position, but you may end up knee deep in stink before you make it to the shower or at least to dry land.


What is Success?


All that to say: the way we define success in these seeming life-sucking situations must change, or else we also succumb to judging ourselves for not smelling like roses when we’re covered in shit, it’s just not realistic.

I am reminded of the end of a long, hot day of backpacking in the Porcupine mountains—heels blistered, out of filtered water, stomach grumbling and menstrual cramps setting in. Attempting to pump water through the filter only clogged it in the muck of a leech, deer fly, and mosquito ridden pond. That night it rained, and donning packs to hike the next day was delayed by airing camping gear dry on a rope between trees. Ironically, this memory recollection more often brings laughs and joy than the distress that may have been felt in the moment. Was it success or failure?


Of late, my day to day, breath to breath has felt much like that evening. I have gone from being a planner, thinking months ahead, plotting dreams and plans for work and pleasure, to only being able to bat away the bugs of the present moment—coaxing myself to get out of bed, to eat, to move, to sit quietly and breathe and not jump all over myself if the tears flow anyway. I am learning to redefine success, and at times to let the bugs buzz without batting them.


Recent Successes:

  • Allowing myself to sleep as much as needed

  • Jogging 5 minutes without stopping or having pain in knee or hip

  • Reading scripture and sitting in the belief that all will be made beautiful, in fact, the beauty is all around me even now

  • Moving my body through 30 minutes of Yoga asana

  • Sitting in 25 minutes of nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) and coming back to my breath, even after sobbing co-opted a few minutes of my focus

  • Taking myself on a date to a favorite bar, alone!

  • Appreciating my physical appearance and self-care practices

  • Leaving my phone at home when on a walk in nature or turning it to silent for an hour at a time

  • Reflecting on my needs, intentions and expectations before making even the smallest decisions: what to eat, whether or not to get out of bed, how to spend time while sitting in the unsettling looming of the unknown

  • Smiling without expecting a smile in return

  • Eating something good for me, slowly, without also reading, texting, or otherwise distracting myself (other than my raging thoughts)

  • Preparing food for ailing loved ones, sitting quietly beside and respecting a gentle “no, thank you” when help is offered