January 24, 2019

April 23, 2018

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December 4, 2017

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How To Do What Scares You

January 24, 2018


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That's my theme for 2018.


I've done things that were hard and have seen them make a difference. I want more of those differences. What I mean by hard is I had put some kind of barrier in the way. I decided that things had to happen a certain way, which limited me from getting what I wanted.


Can you relate to that? Every time your dream or imagined next step comes to mind you hear all the reasons why you can't get there, and you believe enough of them to stop you from taking that step or believing in your dream?


Some of those limitations are things like self-doubt, shame, insecurity.





Insecurity has been a huge barrier for me. It shows up in thoughts like,


"I'm not strong enough."

"What if people don't like me?"

"What if what I am doing is offending other people?"


Fearing I may be offending someone (or that they might feel I am stepping on their toes) has prevented me from showing up in a way that's authentic. For example, when someone else is being brave, I tend to head for the supporter role and let my vision of leadership die on the sidelines. I get scared that there isn't room enough for everyone to thrive. Which is bullshit. I know it. But so many times I have gotten the message directly or indirectly from others that this is their place to shine and I need to get out of the way. It's a terrible way to build community.


I fully believe there is PLENTY of room for all of us to thrive and would LOVE if you wanted to lead with me, by my side. Community & connection build me up, our collective experiences and co-creation are so much mightier than flying solo. I just read an article about being an Intrapreneur. And while I have my own business, I am realizing my skills and desires align so much with my pattern of adaptability and perpetual re-invention:


"Intrapreneurs aren’t afraid to change course, nor do they fear failure. It isn’t outward bravado that drives them but an inner confidence and courage that every step takes them closer to their ultimate goal. In my own training and vernacular I call this phenomenon “failing up.” I celebrate opportunities for growth, even painful ones." -David K. Williams





I'm a growth junkie. I put myself in the fire, or in the salt grinder, if you will. I let myself be refined the hard way. And part of doing what scares me is starting to let my mentors and community leaders I admire know that I thrive in collaboration and inviting them to envision with me what would be possible together. It's letting go of the outcome of any one thing I put my energy into. It's envisioning my desires and ta