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Group Facilitator Andrea Bachman walks with retreat participants along the Whitefish River in Montana
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Our collective wellness is dependent on our fearless self-love

Group Facilitator Andrea Bachmanlooking into the sun by a river with a smile. Photo by Devin Schmit (Solar Eye Media)

Hi, I'm Andrea. I use they/them or she/her pronouns. I am a Community Catalyst. For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the collaborative and creative organization of people and ideas.


Over the past 20 years, I have helped individuals and groups build effective internal systems to grow their services from a place of non-rushing awareness. Counter culturally they slow to a pace that allows them to more thoroughly and thoughtfully address the problems they are working to solve.

My work is about connecting you and your team (be it your coworkers, family, or community) with tools for meaningful communication, discerning your focus, and caring for yourselves and each other so that you can more thoroughly and thoughtfully address the problems you are working to solve.


My professional services take the forms of Group Facilitation, Personalized Coaching, and Community Yoga.

Together, we can build nourishing strategies for you and your team to feel grounded in your practice and to thrive. Let’s create the ripple effect of a collectively healthy humanity!

Group Facilitation includes supporting organizational teams build working agreements, mission, vision, values, and strategies for communication and service

Community Yoga offers a space where we can all gather with curiosity and kindness to build acceptance of others and self to cultivate a healing world. The practice is rooted in Hatha Yoga and open to all levels.

Personalized Coaching is rooted in my training as an Ayruvedic Health Counselor and Yoga Health Coach. The understanding of how our daily habits impact our bodies, minds, spirits and relationships is key to a life we love.

Andrea supports overwhelmed, highly responsible, service-oriented teams, and individuals to design healthy cultures for their work, families, and relationship with self.  

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What people are saying...

confidence & bravery

"I believe our conversations with you have led and/or will lead to many positive changes. The work with you encouraged us to love ourselves and our own limitations while stepping into our calling and roles at this job with confidence and bravery."

 staff member, Kalispell, MT
Kalispell Heart Program

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earless Self-Love 


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