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Are you craving an uplifting, caring community to support your vital transition from stress to ease, from fear to trust, from self-avoidance to self-love?

Are lots of "shoulds" and "buts" getting in your way?

Do you wonder.....


At Home in Your Body is a 3-month course designed to help you:
  • Stick with so-easy-you-can't-say-no habits for a life you love, aligned with your integrity
  • Explore the intersection of your identities and access or barriers to your wellness path
  • ​Learn 11 habits rooted in Ayurveda and Yoga, and influenced by non-violent communication
  • Build community, deepen personal self-love, and celebrate wins together

Are you an AHIYB veteran?

Dive into the AHIYB refresher, all for the price of 1, 60 minute coaching session:

  • Access to all of the teaching videos from the course 

  • The new (as of Fall 2021) workbook to print and review concepts easily

  • The updated yoga practice library including an additional 20 more NEW yoga sessions 

  • One, one hour coaching session or 2, 30 minute coaching sessions

  • Access to a drop in yoga class.

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Want in? Book a free strategy session today!
**if you can't find a time in my calendar that works for you, email me directly at & we'll find a time that works for both of us!** 
Now taking strategy sessions for moving through the material 1-on-1
There are 12 call weeks and two rest weeks. Calls will most likely alternate between Wednesday midday and Wednesday evening.
Scroll down for a word about pricing. Sliding scale rates and scholarships available.

You share why you want to work with Andrea. Together you determine how best you can work together to achieve your goals.
Strategy Session
30 min
Free for new clients


  • Tend to go all in for others and/or causes, and are now seeking ways to go all in for you, without breaking up with your passions

  • Yearn to break through the societal myths about beauty, appearance, diet and relationships, to cultivate nourishing, authentic ways to feel good and be seen.

  • Feel most alive when in nature, when creating, when honoring the earth, and when becoming more socially aware.

  • Are committed to honoring the native land you are on, the wisdom of ancestors, people of all skin tones, abilities, education, wealth, spiritual practices, genders and sexual orientations.

Do you regularly say to yourself:


"I rush all of the time. I don't have enough energy to accomplish my goals and meet the needs of family, job and community!"


"I'm too tired to do anything that feels like genuine self care. When I try, something always comes up that needs my attention."

"I just wish I had more time for the things I love. It's just not in the cards to prioritize me right now."

"Carmen (name of who you want to emulate here) takes such good care of herself! How does she do it? I want that!"


"I know it's worth my time, money, and energy to invest in learning tools to take better care of myself, but....(insert barrier here)"


You're in good company, friend.

“I joined [at home in your body] during a transitional year of my life — coming out an extremely demanding schedule of being a student midwife, in addition to having a family and maintaining my private practice as a massage therapist/bodywork/doula. I created a habit of rushing (mostly because I there was so much to do!). This habit energy stayed with me — I was rushing even though I had lessened my load — which was anxiety inducing!  I was looking to change habits and make more space in my life. I really loved Andrea’s approach to working with these materials, it is so practical, accessible and impactful. During the course, I felt inspired and supported to integrate new habits of self care into my daily routine. Lastly, I am happy to say I am (mostly) on time and not rushing.”  

–Angela Joy

@ homein your body participant and son

Curious about how to get what Angela's got?

I reserve a few spots each week for conversations about your wellness goals. You'll share where you want to go and your challenges to get there. This is an opportunity to be heard and discover what's holding you back from reaching your goals. 

You share why you want to work with Andrea. Together you determine how best you can work together to achieve your goals.
Strategy Session
30 min
Free for new clients

“Before speaking with Andrea, I was feeling extremely lost. I decided to reach out after listening to her podcast on self love. From the very beginning of our initial phone conversation I felt at ease and listened to... By the end of our phone call, she had already began to offer up a tangible solutions to help me move forward and I for that I was and still am felt super grateful. While I knew I had a long way to go... I felt already lighter knowing that working with Andrea would help me become more self empathetic and loving." -Erin G.

Here's a sweet clip from a course call that warms my heart:

My greatest hope is that this community can feel like a greenhouse for you, enabling you to grow and shine:)

What's In It For You?


You'll Learn:

  • How you are uniquely situated to nourish you! You'll reflect on your own identities (how you see yourself), as well as your access or barriers to resources and support systems that have brought you to this place in your journey. This is an opportunity to breathe deep with understanding about how to navigate your path to wellness. It's a time to consider how how your wellness can support our collective wellness, as a community and world. Hint: we each wear wellness in our own way. There is no one size fits all, no perfect way to look, eat, or move, except the one that is perfect for you. This course is about discovering that for yourself.

  • The secrets to sustained daily energy, sound sleep, increased metabolism

  • How to nourish yourself so others don’t have to (and you’re not dependent on others to do so!)

  • The keys to maintaining a healthy weight, strong muscles and bones, and a amplified-strength immune system

  • How to build healthy habits that bring you the results you so desire

  • The wisdom of Yoga’s sister Science, Ayurveda, the Knowledge of Life, The Science of You

The Course Includes:

  • 13 Weekly live phone calls with participants from around the globe

  • 11 Weekly in-depth teachings on Ayurvedic Science with the support of nonviolent communication, and how to apply these insight to your modern lifestyle (see topics below)

  • 3, one-on-one coaching calls with Andrea

  • Vibrant, Interactive private communication forum in which you interact with your peers

  • Opportunity to work with an accountability partner to boost your opportunity to THRIVE!

  • Workbook, Recipes, and Accountability tools to stay on track

  • Access to over 20 Yoga Audio/Video classes!

Personalize It With:

  • Additional one-on-one coaching calls with Andrea

  • Ayurvedic Health Consultation to cater the habits to meet your needs

  • Private Yoga/Pranayama/Meditation Instruction

We'll habitize these self-care practices:

  1. When to eat to optimize digestion 

  2. Maximize quality sleep & rest

  3. Start the day with ease

  4. Energize your body with daily movement

  5. Embracing silence

  6. How to make mealtime mindful

  7. Revisioning relationships that change when you do

  8. Practice self-massage to stay hydrated and relaxed

  9. Access living foods sourced locally, sustainably and affordably

  10. Care for your sense organs to increase longevity

  11. Moving through the day with ease

We'll wrap up by celebrating our accomplishments and setting ourselves up for longterm success!

And each step toward your goal will be incremental 1% improvements that are so-easy-you-can't-say-no!

Holly at 2019 Retreat.jpg

Goodies & Swag!

I'm partnering with my friend Holly to send you all a gift bag of beautycounter goodies & a special savings code for any purchase made during the course! I'll include some extra goods to serve as reminders for our habits, and a few more goodies to kick off your self-love adventure!

Additionally, you'll receive 20% off any additional purchases you make from me while you're enrolled in the course! (this includes additional coaching, yoga classes or private sessions, & monthly workshops)

I know cost matters.

I've had to nickel and dime my health at times and it sucks! I've also benefited greatly from scholarships and sliding scale options that have made it possible for me to meet my wellness needs. For that reason, there will be 3 pricing points for this course - the standard rate is $799, the community supported rate is $549 and the pay it forward rate is $1049. (Yes, this is slightly higher than the last round as there are many improvements to the course!) There will be payment plans and partial scholarships available. If you are able to pay the pay at forward price, this will make it possible to continue to have equitable pricing options so that the course is financially accessible. Thank you for your generosity. There is a prerequisite of a one on one call with Andrea in order to register. Book you call by clicking on the Free Strategy Session button at the top or bottom of this page!

“This is a journey that everyone takes at their own pace, but I can’t imagine a person who wouldn’t benefit from it. If you come into this with an open heart and an open mind, even partially open. I can’t imagine not growing during the time of that course and beyond. Once you know the content of this course, you can never not know it. It will impact you for the rest of your life, I’m just sure of it.

-Jessica Ortiz

You share why you want to work with Andrea. Together you determine how best you can work together to achieve your goals.
Strategy Session
30 min
Free for new clients

Want more beta before booking a call?

Check out my oldie, but goodie 5 day, 5 minutes a day resource for a taste of what At Home in Your Body is all about!

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