S2 E19 | Self-Care To Support Fertility  

Are you doing everything you can to promote your healthy fertility?

with guest Sarah Clark of the Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast

Sarah Clark, host of the Get Pregnant Naturally podcast, shares her story of infertility and the food intolerances behind it. As a Certified Life and Health Coach,


Sarah now supports women and couples in their quest to get pregnant naturally. Join us as we explore pathways to slowing down, embracing grief, change, and personal growth.

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show notes

  • How food sensitivities can impact fertility

  • Why patience for Functional & Ayurvedic medicine is worth your while

  • Why thoughts matter as much as action

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Show Highlights:

02:00 Easeful Living Practice, Dirgha Pranayama, 3 part Breath

07:01 Interview with Sarah Clark begins with Andrea’s connection to supporting women in their childbearing years

11:19 Sarah’s story of infertility related to food-intolerance

21:03 Sarah describes food sensitivity testing and elimination diet

26:54 Sarah’s journey in life-coaching and her method of care and practice

31:00 Why eat an earlier lighter supper and how the slow science actually works quickly

34:00 Sarah’s favorite self-care practices

Favorite Quotes:

“I can’t keep doing it all; I have to take a step back. I can’t just add one more thing on. -- Sarah Clark


“We believe in using a foundation of the testing...then you’ve got to actually change your diet.” -- Sarah Clark


“99% of the thoughts you have today, you’ll have the same ones again tomorrow.” -- Sarah Clark


“A lot of people that are going through fertility, they may feel broken... there’s a lot of heartache, there’s jealousy, there’s triggers almost everywhere...by people expanding their family, pregnant bellies, baby showers, feeling stuck, everyone’s moving on that seemingly every woman should be able to do.”  -- Sarah Clark


“Where’s your joy?” -- Sarah Clark


“We believe in it all, just not all at once, because that’s super overwhelming.” -- Sarah Clark


“Crying is something you can do and actually feel better after it.” -- Sarah Clark


“To help others, I have to work on myself first.” --Sarah Clark

Meet Sarah:

When Sarah Clark was 28 years old, she received a diagnosis of premature ovarian failure. She accepted the diagnosis and had both her children through in vitro fertilization. Years later she realized the root cause of her infertility was a food intolerance.

She is a certified life coach with accreditation from the International Coaches Federation and a health coach with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  
She is the author of Fabulously Fertile - Supercharge your Fertility Naturally, Fabulously Fertile Cookbook and Fertility Preparation Program. Her fertility coaching program, which includes functional lab testing, supports couples to make diet and lifestyle changes that dramatically improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby!  

On her Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast she shares that with functional medicine and natural fertility solutions we can eventually reverse infertility.  Check it out on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.

Hello & Welcome to the Fearless Self-Love Podcast

Loving ourselves is the most selfless thing we can do. When we prioritize our own needs, we show up more fully for others. We are more receptive and aware. We begin to live with ease. Each episode features conversations with creatives & wellness pros whose real-life stories will inspire you to take the next step toward living a life you love. Our bottom line is to cultivate communities of fearless self-love and compassionate connection…and you'll feel like you're right here with us, sitting around the table with a pot of tea. We'll walk you through an easeful living practice, and leave you with a courageous self-care tip. I'm your host, Andrea Catherine, Yoga Health Coach, & your advocate to live a flourishing Life You Love.

S2 E17 | A Plate Full of Love 

Do you fully utilize all the food you purchase or grow?


with guest Lindsay-Jean Hard, author of Cooking with Scraps

Lindsay-Jean Hard is the author of Cooking With Scraps. She has long taken action to ensure her actions promote sustainability and encouraged others to do the same. Her cookbook makes it easy to do this with your banana peels, coffee grounds, swiss chard stems and other things you might otherwise compost or throw away.  


I had a lot of fun chatting with Lindsay-Jean and reminiscing about my time in Ann Arbor, the start of my journey with local food, and contemplating what to prepare next with my food scraps!

show notes

  • How to cook with food scraps you normally toss

  • Why feeding ourselves is an act of self-love

  • How to cook unfamiliar foods in your farm share (CSA)

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Show Highlights:

02:00 Easeful Living Practice, Grounding Breath to ease that sense of rushing within

09:24 Interview with Lindsay-Jean Hard begins, origin of her book and all about lab-grown meat

22:17 How Lindsey-Jean eats now and how her plate/bowl looks at mealtime, including what to do with Swiss Chard Stems

25:27 Lindsay-Jean’s introduction to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

31:30 Lindsay’s journey from Japan to publishing a book, including her support of start-up company, Real Time Farms

37:10 One person’s trash is another’s treasure--Lindsay-Jean’s history as a sustainability advocate and action-taker

41:31 Lindsay-Jean’s favorite go-to recipe for Fall: Potato (Peel) Focaccia

Favorite Quotes:

“It really was, and is, a form of self-love and self-care for me, because I do love cooking and making choices that make me feel good, and I like sharing that with others, too. It’s definitely a form of how I express love -- is by cooking for other people that I care about.” -- Lindsay-Jean Hard


“I realized the dinner plate didn’t have to look like the one main thing and two different sides, it could be a lot of different things.” -- Lindsay-Jean Hard


“I remember when I was little going to subway with my mom and being really concerned if the tuna was dolphin safe or not. So I went home and wrote Subway to make sure.” -- Lindsay-Jean Hard


“I made new all new signs for the Ann Arbor office to make sure people recycled all of their plastic and I would  take all of that home and drive it to Grand Rapids periodically for my parents to recycle.” -- Lindsay-Jean Hard


“If I’m junking all this stuff and putting back into the earth and expecting the earth to feed me and nourish me, I know there is something not quite lining up.” -- Andrea Catherine

About Lindsay-Jean:

Lindsay-Jean Hard received her Master's in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. Her education and passion for sustainability went on to inform and inspire her work in the garden, home, and community. The seeds of her first cookbook, Cooking with Scraps, were planted in her Food52 column of the same name. Today, she works to share her passion for great food and great communities as a marketer at Zingerman's Bakehouse.  She lives, writes, loves, and creates in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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S2 E16 | Love Your Journey

Do you feel a sense of purpose when you give to others?


with Karinna of Inward to Ithaka

I’m so grateful for this refreshing interview with Karinna Annette of Inward to Ithaka. Her words and story remind me to listen deeply within, to ask the hard questions and not to rush.


Join us for a reflective opportunity to unfold passion, purpose and self-acceptance.

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show notes

  • How ebbing and flowing with giving and receiving is tied to well-being

  • How to begin your journey of finding your passion and purpose

  • How to listen to yourself as way toward healing

Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

01:59 Easeful Living Practice, Ithaka poem

05:44 Interview with Karinna of Inward to Ithaka begins, meaning and purpose of her work, how it began

12:40 Karinna’s journey in the wellness world, balancing learning and teaching, balancing self-care and service

16:28 discussion of how the body changes when we begin to up-level self-care, including her battle with endometriosis

21:58 The purpose (and benefits) of giving and serving

24:18 The impact of passion and the deception that we should know it from day one

31:19 What going inward means to Karinna

34:19 Courageous Self-Care Tip” Sit with yourself for 5 minutes, ask yourself “What have you been trying to say that I haven’t been listening to?”

Favorite Quotes:

“Even if you’re going through something, you can still help someone else.”  -- Karinna of Inward to Ithaka


“Don’t underestimate your ability to help the people around you when you when you’re in a withdraw help myself phase.” -- Karinna of Inward to Ithaka


“To me, boredom, discussion lack of passion come from when we don’t have a sense of purpose.”-- Andrea Catherine


“When i’ve experienced giving as a way of receiving, it’s really connected to me feeling valued and valuable.” -- Andrea Catherine


“A lot of people are wandering around wondering what their purpose is and what their passion is...they know that their purpose is a big part of them, but they don’t know what their purpose is.” -- Karinna of Inward to Ithaka


“As humans, what creates connection for all of us, is that we inherently benefit form connecting, from giving.” -- Andrea Catherine


“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” -- Karinna of Inward to Ithaka


“Remember [you’re] this new upgraded model that is not in a rush. You’ve got patience now...so embrace it. Instead of being stressed out, just relax.“  -- Karinna of Inward to Ithaka

“To know where [others] end and I begin is just as important as how can we collaborate.” -- Andrea Catherine

About Karinna:

Karinna is an Integrative Health Specialist at Inward to Ithaka.  With over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, she’s taken her extensive background in fitness, nutrition and created a one stop shop for all of your health and wellness needs.

Karinna started her career in the fitness industry before transitioning into pre and post-natal care, nutrition and will be continueing her studies towards naturopathy in the future.  In 2016, Karinna decided to combine her professional background and passion for business and start her own company, Inward to Ithaka.

At Inward to Ithaka, Karinna works one on one with her clients to help them achieve their goals that they’ve always strived for while maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

S2 E15 | Grounded in Nature: Ecology of Self

Can we build future communities of belonging and connection?


with Brett Holmquist

Do you think it’s possible to build future communities of belonging and connection? Living in a culture that values the immediacy and efficiency of life has placed a strain on the importance of connection and belonging to our natural roots.


Open your heart and mind with an educational and engaging chat with Brett Holmquist, co-founder and Executive Director at Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center. Listen as we explore how to cultivate the “survival skill of belonging” and why it's important for young people to learn the beginning steps of fearless self-love in community as well as on our own.

show notes

  • How nature can teach us about gratitude and belonging

  • How our connection to nature relates to our level of connection within ourselves/others

  • How to help our youth foster self-sufficiency and self-love


Links Mentioned:

Favorite Quotes:

“Our mission is connecting people with nature, community, and self.” -Brett Holmquist

“We find that our interdependence with nature and our relationships with nature are the perfect place to teach that [ecology of self]. It’s natural, it just happens.” -Brett Holmquist

“The practice of gratitude is the practice of connection. All people want is to belong.” -Brett Holmquist

“How do I stay in connection so I am healthy and thriving in this world?” -Brett Holmquist

“The belonging includes taking time for ourselves.” -Andrea Bachman

“Any individual has these deep ropes of connection to every plant, every tree, every mountain, every river, all the people, all the things that we have relationship with.” -Brett Holmquist

“The translation of health in Ayurveda is, ‘to be situated in oneself’.” -Andrea Bachman

Meet Brett:

Brett Holmquist is the co-founder and executive director of Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center located in Whitefish, MT. Brett is passionate about using nature to help youth foster better relationships within and with the world around them. Learn more about all the amazing work Ravenwood is doing and connect with Brett at brett@ravenwoodolc.org.

S2 E14 | Love Your Dreams Into Reality

Are you growing when you’re not taking care of yourself?


With guest Angela Christine

Life Coach Angela Christine and I dive into how thriving can look different than what we think of as success. Join us as we explore how we spent our much of our lives trying to be good enough for others and ultimately came to love ourselves.


What I love most about this interview is how Angela shares about her journey to self-love and the power of her words of wisdom. It is undeniable that they come from her heart and personal experience, Angela asks me to share my self-love discovery story, too!

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show notes

  • How thriving is connected to believing you deserve your dreams

  • Why some of us flourish with change more than others

  • What your number one job is and why it matters


Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

00:58 Fearless Self-Love Retreat Details

02:14 Easeful Living Practice with Angela Christine

03:38 Interview begins!

12:10 Angela’s reflection on thriving

22:27 Vata Dosha ~ Ayurveda’s way of saying the qualities of air & ether

27:48 Our most basic fear of not being good enough and where this starts

29:44 Andrea’s story of discovering she loves herself

36:36 How putting self-care first led Angela to understanding her calling to be a life coach

53:00 Courageous Self-Care Tip

Favorite Quotes:

“When I start to feel like I’m not successful, it’s because I’m ligning myself up with what the world sees as success...you’re on a growth path until you find what you want, and then you stay there.” -- Andrea Catherine


“Thriving comes from not wanting to just get by; not wanting to pass on that life to my children of not having enough.” -- Angela Christine


“I don’t want to have to put the grapes back. I want to be able to give my kids grapes, because that’s one of their favorite fruits to eat.” -- Angela Christine


“What is that limiting belief and get it the heck out of my head, because it is affecting my life daily.” -- Angela Christine


“[I’m] okay with where I am, but also...okay with my dreams...they are legitimate. I deserve them. I’m worthy. -- Angela Christine


“Proximity is power! Whatever you are close to will grow.” -- Angela Christine


“At the core we have the same basic fears...one of the biggest ones is we’re not good enough.” -- Angela Christine


“My dreams [have] an innate value because they’re unique to me.” -- Andrea Catherine


“You have to service your temple. No one else is going to do that for us...This is the body I was given. This is my temple. I have to take care of it. It is my number one job.” -- Angela Christine


“The self-care, self-love piece, if it isn’t there, then you can’t continually grow. You’re either growing or you’re dying.” -- Angela Christine

Meet Angela:

Life Coach Angela Christine values love and connection above all else and these are the values that shine through her 20 years as an energy worker, healer and spa therapist (offering body treatments, aromatherapy, organic facials). Angela’s optimism, passion, and continual learning inform her growth as a practitioner. She is a spiritual, family-oriented mother, partner and friend, who believes in universal love and is eager to support with you on your wellness journey. Visit her at Angelachristinelifecoach.com angelactolton@gmail.com

S2 E13 | Values for a Life You Love

Are you acting from your core values?


With guest Sara Hughes-Zabawa

Sara Hughes-Zabawa and I give you a taste of the Brené Brown Daring Way Curriculum, movement and reflection participants will experience on the Fearless Self-Love Retreat October 10-14, 2018. To learn more, visit www.fearlessselflove.com


Join us for your 20 minute micro retreat! You’ll benefit most if you’re distraction free, have access to a wall to put your legs up, or a way to elevate your feet to at least hip height, something to write with and something to write on.

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show notes

  • What it means to retreat and why we need to

  • Why clarifying your values matters

  • How to utilize your values to enhance a challenging situation

Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

02:55 Interview starts, easeful living practice included within interview!

06:29 Tools you’ll need for this practice today and what retreat means

10:35 Micro version of the Fearless Self-Love: at home in your heart retreat

36:11 Courageous Self-Care tip

Favorite Quotes:

“[To retreat is] an act of mindfully withdrawing, protecting or preserving time or energy to do our soul, or heart work.” -- Sara Hughes-Zabawa


“Our intention for our retreat is that people create the space and the container to really hear themselves and feel and learn and rest.” -- Sara Hughes-Zabawa


“[Humanism is] seeing everyone, including myself, as human with the same needs (whether they’re in a different order than mine or not) and the same worth.” -- Andrea Catherine

Meet Sara:

Sara is a licensed clinical social worker (LMSW) and a certified yoga instructor (RYT). She is passionate about helping clients achieve better balance and thrive as they enhance the quality of their lives. Either through therapy, yoga, or wellness coaching Sara partners with her clients to help foster the bravery and skills necessary to step towards holistic wellness that honors their mind-body-spirit connection.

Sara received a Masters of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Michigan, with an emphasis in Interpersonal Practice: Mental Health and Interpersonal Practice: Communities and Social Systems with a minor in Community Organizing.

She also received a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan. Sara completed here RYT 200 hours through the Yoga Alliance certified Bodhi Yoga Studio in 2010.  

Sara is currently providing wellness coaching through Symmetry Solutions, LLC.

S2 E12 | Be Yourself; Love Yourself.

Can you admire others and still value yourself right now?


With guest Jada Stewart

Jada Stewart is a wise soul in a 16 year old body. Listening to Jada, I am inspired and encouraged for the futures of our young people. I am reminded about the value of stepping away from social media and toward things I love, learning something new, and connecting with others.


Join me as Jada and I talk about a teen journey to self-love, stepping back into strengths she had as a kid, and embracing who she is as she continues to look up to others, grow and change.

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show notes

  • How to remember who you are with the support of those you admire

  • How to learn from others, while staying grounded in yourself

  • How to get off social media (if a 16 year old can do it, so can you!)

Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

03:01 Easeful Living Practice ~ Write a letter to someone you want to know

05:57 Interview with Jada Stewart begins; background on Your Bold Breakthrough

13:06 Jada’s past self as shy and nervous and how she reconnected to her strengths

24:04 Jada’s breakthrough moment, after breakdown

31:21 Jada’s tips and tricks to stay in self-love, including how to speak to others who have said hurtful things

37:03 How and why Jada took a real solid break from social media, and how you can, too!

47:32 Jada’s self-love tips

Favorite Quotes:

“I shouldn’t rely on someone else to stand up for me, I should be confident enough to say, ‘You know what, I’m good enough for myself.’” -Jada Stewart


“I started wearing different clothing to cover myself up and conform to other things that weren’t me.” -- Jada Stewart


“At the end of the day, you’re going to be left with yourself and your own thoughts.” -- Jada Stewart


“How could I be speaking about confidence and getting confident and building all this self-love on the summit…[if] I wasn’t in the same mindset?” --Jada Stewart


“I need to stop this body shaming, because I love my body.” -- Jada Stewart


“I can wear my natural hair, I can be myself, I love the color of my skin, I just love myself.” --Jada Stewart


“Just ‘cause I don’t have what that person has, doesn’t mean that what I have is bad.” --Jada Stewart


“I’ve got to stop looking at everyone else’s life on social media and look at just me as a person.” --Jada Stewart

Meet Jada:

Jada Stewart is a Sixteen Year old teen who hosted a online series called Your Bold Breakthrough for Women Seeking Guidance. Although she is a teen, she uses her Youthful Experience to influence others on a personal level, and she strives to help Guide those on a path to find their Authentic Self and Own their Power.

S2 E11 | Ayurveda: Co-creating Lives We Love

What do you know about doshas, darling?


Kelsey Starr interviews Andrea Catherine

Kelsey Bryant Starr, owner of Numi Yoga in College Park, Maryland, interviews Andrea Catherine about Ayurveda. Andrea shares about what is a dosha, how the five elements influence Ayurvedic perspectives


Gain insight to navigate your emotions, digestion, and mind when you feel out of balance, and why you may notice particular changes in yourself during particular times of year, activities, and why you are just inherently unique in some ways.

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show notes

  • How the five elements - ether, air, fire, water, earth - show up in each of us

  • Why digestion is central to understanding our wellbeing

  • Why everybody’s balance looks different

Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

01:00 Easeful Living Practice ~ visualize starting your day ahead, or your next important activity

09:42 What is Ayurveda? What does it mean?

11:48 What’s a dosha?

15:26 What is Vata dosha? What is it responsible for? Where does it live in the body? What role does Vata play in digestion?

20:53 What Pitta really means, and what it has to do with healthy eyes.

24:47 How Kapha manifests in our bodies, personalities, and memories.

28:56 How the doshas support one another and how we can, too!

33:08 What’s the end game? How to “find balance” as yourself

36:27 What doshas being “at fault” really means

37:10 Courageous Self-Care Tip

Favorite Quotes:

“You are all already perfect, until you’re not.”  - Hilary Garivaltis


“We disrupt [our enoughness, our perfection] with doubt and fear and choices and habits that don’t serve us well. It doesn’t take away from our deserving, or our humanness, though.” --Andrea Catherine


“We need pitta people to lead, to step up... to follow through...to take action...and do so fearlessly. Kapha’s going to be the one who’s like, ‘slow down, we need to think this through a little more.’ Vata’s... throwing the idea way out there, and pitta’s like, ‘yea let’s go!” -- Andrea Catherine


“As individuals who have different dispositions, we can offer our strengths to other people to help them find balance, to help them nurture and nourish their needs.” -- Kelsey Starr


“We definitely need each other.” -- Andrea Catherine


“Ayurveda is a wellness science that meets us all where we are.” -- Andrea Catherine

Meet Andrea:

Andrea Catherine supports overwhelmed, highly responsible women boost energy, sleep better, and fearlessly love their bodies. Are you committed to being an active part of your own transformation, eager to step into a life you love?

Andrea is the co-host of the Fearless Self-Love Retreats and group Ayurvedic Self-Care course, Body Bloom. She holds recognized certifications as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Yoga Health Coach, 500 hour Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Instructor along with her BA in social science from the University of Michigan.

S2 E10 | Listen, Love, You are Enough.

Do you see that you truly are enough just as you are?


With guest Kelsey Bryant Starr, Yoga Studio Owner

Launching a heart-centered, community-oriented business is a cause that requires inner transformation. My guest, Kelsey Bryant Starr, owner of Numi Yoga in College Park, Maryland, seems to be a growth junkie, too. She’s on for asking the hard questions, like “am I enough?” and answering them with “‘yes I am , I showed up, I’m breathing, and I have something to offer.”


In this interview Kelsey and I interview each other about our journeys to starting businesses that reflect our personal desires for growth and learning.  Listen as we share our reflections on our pathways to learning, loving and accepting ourselves while growing businesses that help others do the same.

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show notes

  • How to notice abundance amidst the challenge

  • Why we need each other for true healing

  • How being open allows for what’s to come

Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

03:58 Easeful Living Practice ~ Take advice from your younger self

12:03 Interview begins with Kelsey sharing how she went from studying Yoga for her own learning to opening a Yoga studio in a new city

21:33 Holding challenge and abundance in the same hand (particularly when starting a studio)

26:55 Addressing fears and allowing them to be present; how personal yoga practice informs teaching and starting a business

33;20 Vision of Numi Yoga Studio in College Park, Maryland & the origin of the Numi name

39:53 Kelsey interviews Andrea, starting with Andrea’s interest in and study of Ayurveda

48:52 Andrea’s lessons learned starting her own business

101:19 Courageous Self-Care tip ~ mantra: I showed up, I’m breathing, and I have something to offer.

Favorite Quotes:

“There is nothing less selfless than loving yourself.” -- Andrea Catherine


“We all get both be served and be of service.” -- Kelsey Starr


“Everyday something is a little bit beyond what I know about...but, everyday there’s someone who comes across my path...who is such a valuable resource.” -- Kelsey Bryant Starr


“Everyday, when I get on my mat, I get to answer the question, ‘am I enough?’...I get to choose to say ‘yes I am , I showed up, I’m breathing, and I have something to offer” -- Kelsey Starr

“Even when we’re experiencing so many blessings, and gifts and connections, it’s very human to wonder, am I even going to get by, can I even make it through?” -- Andrea Catherine

“There’s no other journey but to get to know our own self. When we can come to our own selves with loving compassion, we can offer that unconditionally to other people.” -- Kelsey Starr


“Those little nudges, for me, mostly come from when I’m able to let go of needing to have it a certain way or needing to let the thing I’m doing work, and rather open up to what could work, and knowing that may not be what I’m doing.”  --Andrea Catherine

Meet Kelsey:

Kelsey is proud to join the ranks of the mighty Terrapins in College Park, MD.  Her yoga training began with Ana Hough in Ann Arbor (200hr), and continued with national teachers Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker at the San Marcos School of Yoga (300hr).  Kelsey participates in ongoing online studies with Christina Sell and attends DC-area continuing education.


Kelsey is passionate about exploring.  Yoga is her map for the journey to love her body, community, and self.  In Kelsey’s yoga classes students will playfully explore actions within poses and have opportunities to integrate yoga with life off the mat.  She jokingly describes her classes as "offering too many alignment cues while you are trying to flow". Kelsey lives in University Park with her husband, Evan, and goldendoodle, Argo.

S2 E9 | Fearlessly Connect with Your Body

Do you connect with your body outside of when you’re in pain?


With guest Regina @wolfmedicinemagic

Do you notice you have a body when you are not in pain? So much of the time we treat our bodies as if they are simply a vessel to carry around our brains. In this episode, Regina @wolfmedicinemagic dives into her experience of feeling connected to her body and how she supports Yoga, Barre and Ayurveda students to connect to their bodies outside of when they are in pain.


Join us to go behind the scenes of the wellness professional’s hustle for building clientele, fearless marketing, and utilizing the power to say no, or yes, when it comes to self-care and socialization.

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show notes

  • Why Yoga is about more than the perfect pose

  • What it means to be connected to your body

  • How to balance saying yes with saying no

Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

02:42 Easeful Living Practice ~ Downward Facing Dog

09:41 Interview begins with Regina @wolfmedicinemagic who came to Yoga through dance and how her view of Yoga transformed from one of resistance to one of love

13:58 Yoga classes Regina loves & why

21:21 Regina’s dance background and our riff on the stability or instability of teaching Yoga

28:32 Regina’s fearless approach to promoting workshops on Instagram. We get technical about being a solo-prenuer and what it takes

34:04 What Regina’s learned about self-care

Favorite Quotes:

“What lights me up is the profound learning I experience as a teacher in various modalities.  Whether it be yoga, barre fitness, Breathwork or Ayurveda I am constantly learning from students and participants. Through my interactions with others I learn about myself and become a better teacher.” -- Regina @wolfmedicinemagic

“So much of we learn is impacted by who’s delivering it or how we’re learning it.” -- Andrea Catherine

“I like a challenge, but I don’t always feel the need to do the most advanced class and be the best in the front row. Because I realize that’s...very much an ego thing.” --  Regina @wolfmedicinemagic

“The point of yoga isn’t to get the perfect forearm stand...it’s very much about being in my body, being in my body, feeling my body, noticing my emotions and sensations as they come up, being a witness to them.” --  Regina @wolfmedicinemagic

“As much as I’ve danced and as much as I teach, I have to be reminded that not everyone is connected to their body.” --  Regina @wolfmedicinemagic

“Connect with your body outside of when your body’s in pain, because that’s often the only time when people recognize what’s happening in their body.” -- Regina @wolfmedicinemagic


Pitta: the energetic combination of fire & water, the essence of summer, midday and midlife

Ayurveda:  East Indian Medicine, meaning “life knowledge”

Meet Regina:

Regina is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, 500-hr registered Yoga Teacher and Breathwork healer living in Brooklyn, NY since 2004. She received her Ayurveda and yoga teaching certifications from the Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda in 2014 and trained with master Breathwork healer and teacher David Elliot in 2017. @wolfmedicinemagic

S2 E8 | The Dangerous Questions of Self-Love

Are you inquiring into your own growth process?


with guest Liam Bowler

Are you asking yourself safe or dangerous questions? In this hot off the mic interview with Liam Bowler of The Body Awake podcast we dive deep into the process of curiosity and inquiry and how to know when it's time to act instead of freezing in analysis paralysis.  


Listen in as I interview a fellow Montanan about his experience with practicing introspection as a pathway to self-love. This interview prompted me , almost immediately, to shift how I approach my reaction to suffering within myself.

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show notes

  • Why it’s important to ask the dangerous questions

  • Why to sit with suffering instead of trying to relieve it

  • How to move from inquiry into action

Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

00:58 Fearless Self love Retreat Details

02:48 Easeful Living Practice ~ What questions are you asking yourself?

05:15 Interview with Liam Bowler begins, Liam helps folks understand their body’s intelligence as well as their educational needs

10:14 Dangerous Questions are the ones that might change your life. Are you asking them?

22:44 Liam shares about dark days and months in his life and explore how he would interact with his younger self today

31;58 How to ask a dangerous question, the intimacy and the power behind the words

36:31 Liam’s invitation to reflect on what is being evoked by dangerous questions -- what is keeping you from being vulnerable?

41:38 Why try to relieve our own suffering? The pain of witnessing suffering and how it causes us to try to wish it away.

45:49 Anatomy of the Autonomic nervous system

49:55 How Liam navigates self-care and self-love as a practitioner and how he supports his clients and students in navigating their own dangerous questions with love and care

Favorite Quotes:

“There is a growing interest among us, not just a ‘fix me’ mentality, but a kind of education, which comes in many forms.”  --Liam Bowler


“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” ― Socrates


“Owning your own experience is infinitely more infinite and ambody and non-checked out.” -- Liam Bowler


“You’re not doing anything wrong here by suffering.” -- Liam Bowler


“Don’t wait for yourself to be perfectly healed and integrated before you start trying...to make something better.” -- Liam Bowler


“I have so much more to learn about myself.” -- Andrea Catherine, as inspired by Paula Greenstein


“Upon awakening, what gets liberated from what?” -- Adyashanti

“I have, lots in my life, used that lack of needing to solve something as a conceptual bunker, with which to hide from taking action.” -- Liam Bowler


“Self-hatred is one of the most narcissistic things out there; meanwhile life is happening.” -- Liam Bowler


“Do you care who gets the credit?” -- Liam Bowler

“Where are you hiding behind inquiry?” -- Liam Bowler

Meet Liam:

I’m Liam Bowler, a licensed massage therapist, structural bodyworker, musician and rock climbing guide (among other things, of course). Some of my loves lately: these heartbreakingly beautiful Montana sunsets, my weekly "Spotify suggests" playlist, yoga, cutting my own hair, this podcast, learning how my car works, meditation, taking my neighbors' dog for walks in the hills behind my house.

I live in Missoula, Montana, and make regular trips to Seattle—for work and fun—and sometimes other places, too. If you'd like what I do to come near you, please shoot me a line and let me know.


You can learn more about my bodywork practice at my website for that: Dynamic Alignment Bodywork.

S2 E7 | Falling in Love: The Perks & Pitfalls

Is falling in love nice or not so nice?


with guest Michael Joseph

This is not about relationship advice, or the mature loving relationship of many years. Nor is it about being in-lust. Rather it is about that in-love place, You can’t wait to see that person again, your life is overflowing with feelings and emotions. We explore the connection of being in love with another to loving ourselves, as well as the revolutionary qualities of being in love, both the wonderful and the challenging. People’s lives change when they fall in love.


Listen in as Michael and I riff on confidence, taking risks, fantasizing, and the value of throwing out sensibility from time to time. This is not an episode only for those in love or on the verge of it. We also talk about how to access the benefits of being in love when we’re not.

show notes

  • How falling in love changes us for the better and the worse

  • Why gaining confidence come from taking risks

  • How to dance with your dreams and benefit from fantasizing

Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

00:58 Fearless Self love Retreat Bonus Details

03:08 Easeful Living Practice ~ Love note to self

06:48 Interview with Michael Joseph begins -- he’s seen over 100 people in that in-love stage & what it has to do with self-love

18:06 What’s confidence have to with it? How being in love bolsters our courage to try new things and also our tolerance for unhelpful behavior

24:25 Patterns of falling in love: enlivening of the senses

31:19 How to get connection with ourselves, fearlessness, oxytocin if we’re not in love

41:20 Dance with the dream, the benefits of fantasizing

48:18 The value of trusting and, at times, questioning our intuition

56:06 Courageous Self-Care Tip: Take a risk!

Favorite Quotes:

“When we see someone in love, sometimes we actually think, ‘they’re crazy, why are they doing that, what’s that about, why are they risking everything?’” -- Michael Joseph


“[Being in love] has a bright side, it has a danger to it, but it’s very enriching.” -- Michael Joseph


“Sometimes we connect with parts of ourselves in loving another person that had been forgotten...or we didn’t know was there... we actually not only fall in love with the person, but we may fall in love with a part of ourselves that have been lost.” -- Michael Joseph


“How am I allowing my connections with others to inform my connection with myself?” --Andrea Catherine


“We often attribute to another, a power that was already in ourselves.” -- Michael Joseph


“Sometimes that in-love feeling is really kind of a need we’re speaking to--I need some stimulation, I need some novelty, I need something to test myself against.” -- Michael Joseph


“Falling in love is sort of like an emotional extreme sport.” -- Michael Joseph


“Andrea, you need to go inside yourself, and find what makes you strong.” -- Paras Moghtader, Andrea’s friend (S1 E7 Fearless Abundance of Yoga & Ayurveda) https://www.groundedhere.com/season-1


“Tapping into the dream of yourself, and taking a step in the direction of that dream, that’s self-love.” -- Michael Joseph


“You get confidence by risking being told no.” -- Michael Joseph

"Intuitions are...necessary distortions to help us make decisions." -- Michael Joseph

Meet Michael:

I'm a therapist, musician, rock climber, basketball player.  I've spent the last 30+ years of my life exploring in my own life and with my clients the nature of love, life, emotional suffering and emotional joy.  I feel privileged to be in a profession where I have the opportunity learn something everyday about life in conversation with the people who come to me.

S2 E6 | Love, Your Can Do Hard Things

Do you believe you deserve self-love?


with guest Melanie Redd

Do you believe you are worth the love you give others? I don’t mean do you think others should love you as much as I mean, do you believe you deserve your own love. Yes, you can pause here. Breathe. This is a big question. It’s the question Melanie Redd and I explore in this wide-ranging interview in which she shares her story of self-love by way of parenthood at an early age, launching a fitness business and learning new sports in her forties.


Melanie has passion for making self-love a prerequisite for meeting particular fitness goals. Looking at our bodies with disgust gets us nowhere we want to be, and fast. Listen in for tips to move gently into self-love no matter what your wellness goals are.

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show notes

  • Why authenticity is worth the hard work

  • How to take a compliment, and mean it!

  • How to learn something new at any age

Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

02:15 Fearless Self-love Retreat Early Bird Bonus Details!!

06:36 Easeful LIving Practice ~ Cooling Breath

11:14 Interview with Melanie Redd begins

14:14 What does it mean to deserve self-love?

18:58 Melanie’s personal journey into self-love and self-care -- intentional life disruption as an act of self-love

32:42 The work it takes to be authentic and why it’s worth it. We can all do hard things.

52:21 How to take a compliment -- “Thank you, it’s true.” (hat tip: Yoga Health

Coaching community)

1:05:40 How to shift and name boundaries in order to show up and being loving to myself.

1:10:03 Learning new things at any age is possible, including skateboarding at 40 and snowboarding at 42

1:36:20 Courageous Self-Care Tip

Favorite Quotes:

“I’m learning to skateboard; what’s the big deal?” -- Melanie Redd


“There is great risk for people to not love themselves.” -- Melanie Redd


“The moment I found out I was pregnant was the day I started practicing the figure-it-out way of life.” -- Melanie Redd


“I’m done sending my representative; I’m going to send me!” -- Andrea Catherine (in reference to Glennon Melton in Love Warrior)


“I just don’t want to feel, ever again, like I’m coming from that place of inauthenticity, and I want to do the work that it takes to be authentic.” -- Melanie Redd


“You’ve got to work on yourself, and I don’t think I can help you with it.” -- Melanie’s husband


“The act of being vulnerable includes admitting what we don’t know.” --Andrea Catherine

Meet Melanie:

Melanie Redd is a Fitness business owner and runs a virtual training program for holistic exercise and total wellness programs. She is also a Strength & Conditioning Coach for a high school football team and specializes in Functional Movement and corrective exercise for athletic performance and reduced injury risk.

S2 E5 | Write Your Way to Self-Love

Can you give yourself permission to be exactly who you are?


with guest Laura Munson, New York Times Best Selling Author

Listen in as I chat with Laura Munson about her journey of self-love through the written word, and how she discovered she actually is a writer. She reminds us that the path we are often often surprises us, and that we need to be the ones to see in ourselves what is already of value. We need to give ourselves permission to be who we are, have it be easy and enjoyable.


In our conversation, Laura recounts her journey of writing a best-selling book and all that led to that point. She tells us about why she writes and recites quotes of other writers who inspire her to continue. Get a taste of why community is such an essential part of the process for a developing writer, and maybe you will end up on one of her famous Haven Writing Retreats here in Montana!

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show notes

  • When who we thought we wanted to become changes

  • How community can enhance your writing experience

  • Why be the one to give yourself permission to be just as you are

Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

00:58 Fearless Self-Love Retreat: at home in your heart details

02:15 Easeful Living Practice: Write Before Read

05:57 Interview begins with Laura’s story of Fearless Self-Love, including her submission to NY Times Modern Love

15:33 Laura’s journey to knowing she was a writer

25:05 How having a community enhances Laura’s writing & self-love

32:24 Haven Wander -- join Laura as she wander the globe

41:21 Strategy of being flexible

Favorite Quotes:

“I sat at that intersection of heart and mind and craft...for a very long time before I let people see my work.” -- Laura Munson


“Writing has become my practice, my prayer, my meditation, my way of life, and sometimes my way to life.” -- Laura Munson

“I write to shine a light on a dim or otherwise pitch-black corner to provide relief for myself and others.” -- Laura Munson


“Nobody asks you to be a writer..I didn’t want to be a writer.” -- Laura Munson


“Turn the mirror on yourself and look into how you’re already showing up in your life and where the flow is.”-- Laura Munson

“I write in a solitude born of community.” -- Terry Tempest Williams


“Community is the soil and all the things in the soil, the water and sunlight that are going to allow the seed to sprout, but the seed sprouts alone.” -- Andrea Catherine


“Maybe if we re-invent whatever our lives give us

we find poems. Check your garage, the off sock

in your drawer, the person you almost like, but not quite.

And let me know.” -- Naomi Shihab Nye


“I can be this happy, alone, at home, in my own bed, but I just had to go to Italy to find out.” -- Laura Munson


“I can’t really hide if I want to get what I want.” -- Andrea Catherine


“I give myself permission to be exactly who I am, and have it be easy...and fun.” -- Laura Munson


Meet Laura:

Laura Munson is the author of the New York Times and international bestselling memoir This Is Not The Story You Think It Is:  A Season of Unlikely Happiness(Amy Einhorn/Putnam 2010) which Book of the Month Club named one of the best books of the year.  It has been published in nine countries and has been featured in Vanity Fair, Elle, Redbook, Time, Newsweek, Washington Post, Publisher’s Weekly and many other newspapers, magazines, and online venues across the globe.

Laura is the founder of Haven Writing Retreats, which Open Road Media ranked in the top five writing retreats in the United States, and speaks and teaches on the subject of voice and empowerment through creativity at conventions, corporations, universities and schools, retreat and wellness centers.

Her work has been published in the New York Times, the New York Times Magazine, O. Magazine, The Week, Huffington Post, Redbook, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, More Magazine, Time Magazine, Newsweek, The Sun, The Shambhala Sun, Big Sky Journal and others.  She has appeared on Good Morning America, The Early Show, WGN, many NPR stations, Hay House radio, as well as other media including London’s This Morning and Australia’s Sunrise.  She lives in Montana with her family.

S2 E4 | The Real Habits of Self-Love

How can attuning to your physical body allow your mind to shift?


With guest, Carly Banks

This interview with fellow Yoga Health Coach Carly Banks grew out of our conversation in the surf on a Yoga Healer retreat in Mexico this past March. Carly is on for growth and embracing the changes that better her life. She is on for guiding others to do the same.


In this conversation we talk about the impacts of prioritizing self-care on family life. As a mom, Carly’s insights and personal transformation that she shares will resonate most with those those have a lot to tend to, and who are on for discovering they are much more powerful than they imagined.

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show notes

  • Why putting yourself first is a habit you want to have

  • How to get unstuck from thinking you can’t change

  • What strategies for building healthy habits work for moms

Links Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

02:59 Fearless Self-Love Retreat Details!!

08:24 Easeful Living Practice

13:31 Interview with Carly Banks begins with how and why thinking of herself first has been essential

19:51 Value of waking with the sun, the power of circadian rhythm, Nobel Prize Winners in Physiology

23:20 Relationships with others are dependent on our relationships with ourselves. How Carly got out of her own way as a new mom.

30:24 Carly’s journey to self-love from self-hate; highlight on Abhyanga (self-massage)

41:13 Figuring out who we are, so we can show ourselves and others, and love ourselves:) Carly’s celebration of healing in her marriage as a result.

44:26 Impact on physiology of honoring circadian rhythms ~ lighten your physiology

51:07 Courageous Self-Care Tip~ touch your own body in a way that will help you to love you more

Favorite Quotes:

“Everything just flows a lot more easily if you can just put yourself first, and then you become more able to serve others, and to serve your business.” -- Carly Banks


“Our minds are a part of our bodies, rather than the other way around.” -- Andrea Catherine


“The cool thing about our relationship with ourselves, is that we have the power to change [our] behavior.” -- Andrea Catherine


“I’m ... doing watercolor paintings, and making flower crowns... I’m being hyper creative in this brahmamuhurta, this sacred time before the dawn. It’s brought me a feeling of self, again.” -- Carly Banks


“As I massaged my body and gave thanks to my upper arms, for everything that they do, and the way they hold and support and embrace my children and my family and myself, all those feelings of hatred went away, and so much acceptance swept in.” -- Carly Banks


“The world is full of perfect people and they come in all shapes and sizes.” -- Carly Banks.

Meet Carly:

In learning the foundational teachings of Ayurvedic wellness, along with the science behind the power of routine, and the unbelievable level at which our habits - good and bad - dictate our reality, Carly's gone back to her roots. From the ground up she's created a healthy structure for her life, creating routines and daily practices that fill her up, thereby filling up her kids. Now, through her offerings at The Habit, Carly provides well-structured programs to support and nurture the growth and thrive of all women.

S2 E3 | The AStrology of Self-Love

Can you use astrology to inform your own path to self-love?


with guest, Natha Perkins Campanella

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show notes

  • How to mother yourself as an adult

  • Why knowing ourselves more enhances our self-love potential

  • What is astrology and how can it help me

Link Mentioned:

Show Highlights:

03:16 Easeful Living Practice: Invite your emotions to sit with you

07:00 Interview with Natha Campanella Perkins begins

12:24 Natha’s first astrology reading and how it validated her

14:44 How to navigate our imperfections (and our inner critic) with self-love

18;18 Staying connected to and trusting your higher self

26:00 Andrea’s image of her older self and how she connects with her for guidance

29:30 Mothering yourself as an adult and how Taurus shows up in Ceres

35:39 Transformation of Andrea’s relationship with her own mom

40:00 How hearing other’s stories boosts our own aha moments

44:25 The Astrology of Self-Love: and introduction to astrology. Self-love requires acceptance. Acceptance requires awareness…

51:30 Astrological transits explained

Favorite Quotes:

“Are you staying in reality?” -- Andrea Catherine


“When I’m cultivating my inner witness, suddenly it’s like I’m not alone.” -- Natha Campanella


“In order to keep your equilibrium, and feel nurtured and nourished, you need to make sure senses are pleased.” -- Natha Campanella


“How would we ever deal with adversity if our parents met our every single need?” -- Natha Campanella


“There is a true hunger for connection, and I know when that need isn’t met, that’s when I overeat...If I’m in connection with people...it does affirm this human need that I believe we all have to be connected at some level...that does satiate a certain hunger within us.” -- Andrea Catherine

“The more we know ourselves, the more self-loving we can be.” -- Natha Campanella

Meet Natha:

Extreme sensitivity to the emotions of other people prompted Natha Perkins Campanella to try and make sense of her own spiritual journey early in life. A natural student, she became fascinated with astrology when she realized how well it helped explain some of her most personal mysteries. She’s heard people say that “astronomy is a science but astrology is just an art…” (she begs to differ). Natha is a Master Life Coach, a writer and a professional Astrologer who uses a combination of astrology and intuitive guidance to help people understand themselves better, and THAT is definitely an art!

S2 E2 | Self-Love as Self-Companionship

Can you enjoy your own company?


with guest Alexandra Epple

In this interview with fellow Yoga Health Coach, Alexandra Epple, she gets real about her struggle with Anorexia and her journey to finding deep appreciation for who she is. Her passion for supporting women to love and care for themselves comes from her very real journey of learning to do so for herself.


Listen as Alexandra not only reveals her personal trials, but also her triumphs. She offers practical tools for exploring how to enjoy your own company.

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show notes

  • How Alexandra’s anorexia transformed into a relationship of self-love

  • Why nourishing touch can be foundational to cultivating self-love

  • How time in silence and stillness can enhance one’s self-love

Show Highlights:

02:59 Easeful Living Practice: Mindful Eating Practice

11:20 Interview with Alexandra Epple begins

15:12 Alexandra’s recognition of her privilege and the development of her anorexia

20:02 Lack of self-love rooted in lack of purpose

26:35 Impact of another reflecting love as foundation of self-love

29:32 Spiritual self-discovery through Yoga & Thai Massage -- the power of touch

41:10 Nourishing the spiritual body with silence, sound, stillness, prayer

Favorite Quotes:

“There is so much that can be done by the changing way we feed ourselves, the way we treat ourselves, the way we look at our bodies.” -- Alexandra Epple


“For so long I thought I was going to be a mom, I always thought I was going to be a mom. And now, I feel like my children are my students or my clients or my patients.” -- Alexandra Epple


“Purpose really comes from knowing your spirit, what your spirit wants, what you’re deeply desiring.” -- Alexandra Epple


“I still wasn’t loving myself; I still wasn’t eating” -- Alexandra Epple


“Falling in love [is] a mirror [in which] we see ourselves through someone else’s eyes.” -- Andrea Catherine (credit to my therapist Michael Joseph)


“If you can’t enjoy your own company, how can you expect someone else to enjoy your company?” -- Alexandra Epple


“Life is a lot more fun when I’m confident” -- Andrea Catherine


“Physical and emotional cleansing...needed to happen in order to actually get to the spiritual self, to get more subtle.” --Alexandra Epple


“By bringing hands onto our body the nervous system calms down, and the access opens to self-love.”  --Alexandra Epple


“Once you really embrace money and just see it as an energy exchange...I’m giving something and someone sees it as being so worthwhile that they’re giving energy back.” -- Alexandra Epple

Meet Alexandra:

Alexandra Epple CAS, CMT is an Ayurvedic Practitioner & Teacher, Yoga Health Coach, seasoned bodyworker and Midlife Coach. Her approach to health is super practical and down to earth. She supports mature women through menopause and midlife so they come out the other end feeling better than they ever have; vibrant, joyful and luxuriously healthy. There is no complicated hormone stuff, vitamin hunting or mineral counting. When it comes down to it, healing is super logical and pretty easy too. You  just need to learn some principles. Alexandra helps you do that. Her podcast Women Gone Vibrant revolutionizes the way you think about your body so you can create the next you, unapologetically. Download her FREE Better Menopause Video Series to get the scoop on a natural, easeful menopause. http://alexandraepple.com/about 

S2 E1 | For the Love of All Voices

Have you found your authentic voice?


with guest Elsie Escobar, Podcasting Pundit & Voice Actor

In this debut episode of Season 2 I speak with She Podcasts co-host, Elsie Escobar. Elsie shares her journey of finding her authentic voice, including her struggle to communicate as a young person and the ways in which uncovering her blind spots has informed and improved her communication with others interpersonally and as a podcast host. Tune in for insight into making podcasting not only an inclusive platform for diverse voices, but also in considering how we can make podcasts more accessible to listeners.

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show notes

  • How our blind spots impact how we give voice

  • How to unlock your authentic voice

  • Why to listen before speaking to build inclusive community


Links Mentioned: 

She Podcasts

Ayurveda of podcasting episode with Cate Stillman 

Finding Forrester, the movie

Show Highlights:

01:00-Fearless Self-Love Retreat Details

04:27- Easeful Living Practice

11:08 - Interview with Elsie Escobar begins!

14:30 - The Elsie before podcasting & her key question: “What’s Your through line?”

16:55 - Elsie talks of finding refuge in giving voice to other characters

19:24 - Podcasting as platform for letting her voice come through

23:05 -Teachers in our life that call us to own up to our bad habits and blind spots

30:45 - Voice, Acting and Yoga influence on podcasting

38:55 - Offering “Elsie’s Yoga Class” as one of Elsie’s biggest learning experiences as a teacher

41;35 -Process to unlocking your authentic voice; singing and acting as a pathway to keep going through the feelings

52:16 - Inclusion in podcasting, who speaks & who listens; mistakes Andrea made that led to separation instead of coming together

Favorite Quotes:

“Being other people, I was really good at that, but giving voice to myself….I was not able to do that, because I didn’t know how to be myself and speak up.” -Elsie Escobar


“My biggest foundation is always thinking that I am not here for myself, I am here to represent a lot more. With that responsibility I feel powerful. There is no way I am going to let all of these people down, because I am representing.” - Elsie Escobar


“We have so many blind spots that we don’t see. Sometimes parents, sometimes culture, sometimes privilege...is sheltering us. We don’t see the totality of who we are sometimes.” - Elsie Escobar


“When I feel and sound the most at ease there is a lower quality, there’s a less rushed quality [to my voice].” - Andrea Catherine


“How do I cultivate a platform where all voices are welcome and included without disregarding my own privileg?” - Andrea Catherine


“You’ve got to be intentional about the clarity of your message in reaching it out. You’ve got to look at your own stuff and ask, ‘Are all of these conversations the same?... Would I benefit from opening up to other types of people, to other places, to other experiences?’”- Elsie Escobar


“First, always listen.” - Elsie Escobar


“Beauty...is something that opens doors, whether you want it to or not. We are treated differently when we look a certain way. To really sit with the truth of that is rough.” - Elsie Escobar

Meet Elsie:

I am a ten year plus veteran in the industry and inductee to the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. I know the heart and soul of podcasters and podcasting beyond Apple Podcasts and public media. It is with this primary point of view of the average podcast listener (via thousands of hours of podcast listening) and independent podcast producer that I bring a unique perspective to the podcasting industry.

My passion within the industry is podcasting’s rapidly-changing environment, impact, access, community building, and advocacy.

I welcome the opportunity to elevate existing conversations around podcast consumption and initiate ways to reach new listeners above focusing on metrics, advertising and monetization into social change and using podcasting as a tool for personal growth and transformation. 

15 minute get to know each other conversation.
Podcast Inquiry Call
15 min
Let's Meet!