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Yoga for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Yoga for Pregnancy and Postpartum

As my cohort continues to bring more and more beautiful lives into the world each year, I am becoming significantly more aware of just how essential it is for my teaching to include knowledge about asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) that flow with the changes a pregnant woman encounters.

Keep in mind that Yoga can be a most healing part of your pregnancy. No need to give it up!  The important thing to remember, though, is not to start trying a whole bunch of new and challenging asanas (poses) when you find out you’re pregnant. It is best to stick with what is familiar to you in your regular Yoga practice, and avoid deep twists, full inversions, and full backbends. Practicing downward dog, legs up the wall, and bridge pose are safe, especially if they are familiar to you, as are most restorative yoga poses (like the ones from my dear friend, Kelsey!)

For questions or to book a private prenatal or postpartum yoga lesson, don’t hesitate to email me:

Below are a few links to resources for moms (during and after pregnancy) and some yoga teachers I highly recommend if you are seeking a pre-natal yoga class:

Sacred Postpartum Experience (YogaHealer Real Life Show)
New Mama Daily Practices (My teacher, Cate Stillman of Yoga Healer)
Ayurveda for New Mothers (My teacher, Dr. Rosy Mann & Yoga International)
Insights on Pregnancy from Yoga & Ayurveda (Margo Shapiro Bachman)
Modifying Yoga Class for Pregnant Students (Himalayan Institute)
10 Ayurvedic Pregnancy Tips (Dr. John Douillard)
5 Recharging Practices For Moms (Gaiam)
5 Yoga Poses For Moms (Gaiam)

In the Flathead Valley, Montana
Andrea Bachman (yes, me!): Yoga for Moms & Babes @ Shanti Yoga

In Ann Arbor, MI
Heather Foster: Prenatal Yoga Teacher at A2 Yoga
Marlene McGrath: Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga at Inward Bound

You and Andrea will schedule private Yoga lessons at a time that suits you both. Details about location, time, and frequency can be discussed during the consultation. Andrea also offers personalized recordings for you to continue your Yoga Practice at home.

Package deals are available for purchasing multiple classes at once. Student rates and sliding scale options are available upon request.

To purchase a lesson online with a credit card, visit Grounded Here LLC’s MindBody Page

For more information and for pricing and details about Private Lessons: 

“I feel very grateful for your time and guidance. It feels like yoga practice has been a life line during my stressful weeks. I think in particular the mindfulness has brought me to recognize a lot of things about myself that I would bury or try to ignore.” – Bret S. 
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