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Guest Blogging:

You Are Enough. You Are In The Flow: There are words we all need to hear, words I wasn’t listening to in the moment: “You Are Enough.” There are words that give us permission to be fully who we are instead of isolating, pulling away, or retreating. I think deep down I believed there were only two options, hustle or no hustle, and forgot about the flow.

I Have Everything I Need: My guess is that you’re easeful living vibe stems from your keystone habit. Mine is getting up before the sun, regardless of my bedtime. This paves the way for acknowledging I have everything I need. Believing this truth, I ease up. Life becomes….ahhhh.

Go Jump In A Lake: Take a moment to think of something that is not always easy to get yourself to do, but when you do, you always feel a little more alive. It’s the action to wake myself up that ultimately helps me to calm down. For me, it’s a jump in a lake; what about for you?

The Truth About Oil Pulling: The fad, my experience, what ancient Ayurvedic medicine has to say.

This Is My Dharma: An Interview with yours truly featured on Sivana Spirit’s blog, including my professional goals, inspiration, mission, and more! August 2016

7 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga highlights reasons to attend the Wednesday evening class I lead at the Hygeia CenterAnn Arbor Family Doulas; February 2016.

Meet The Doula — Andrea, and interview with me about being a postpartum doula. Ann Arbor Family Doulas; February 2016.

In The News:

Crazy Wisdom Journal’s “A Look At Ayurveda with Andrea Ridgard.”  Crystal Coburn’s reflections on our discussion about the slow science of Ayurveda, plus a tip for everyone to try! Crazy Wisdom Journal. December 2015.

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